Sunday, 4 October 2009

1000 apologies

I have not quit writing.
I'm very sorry for the unexplained delay. i could be very Ghanaian and human for that matter and explain all the things that have gone on with me which have prevented me from writing. but they will sound like excuses. I simply must lay myself at your feet and beg for mercy.

A lot has happened, even the Creamy Inn people stepped on my sore toes again! i went there about 30 minutes to closing time and they told me that they were closed.
Eh? I was with two of my friends, who eventually had to restrain me from launching myself at the girls. Ok, i am exaggerating, but i was pretty upset. As a result, on personal principle, i have refused to go there. As usual, the elusive-when-needed manager was no where to be found.
I have further developed my personal vendetta against all motor cycle riders.
I now have a beef with the British High Commission; as well as KLM check in staff at the airport...among other things, and i'll be telling you all about it.....