Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year! (Resolutions)

In the Spirit of the New Year, I decided to make 3 resolutions. One is to blog steadfastly. I even signed onto Lift to keep me on track. It's a great app, check it out. If you have some targets you're having trouble reaching,you can use Lift to help you...from blogging to dieting to exercising! Have a go at it.

Since I cut my hair and went natural /returned   [whichever you find politically correct]  I've been getting a lot of questions. So this year I'll concentrate on figuring out what works best for me, ie products, techniques, work styles etc, so I can have better details for people who ask. I'll document this under Hairstory.
I  intend to make the best effort I can!
Wish me luck!!

What did you resolve to follow through this year? (And I don't mean a gym membership which you'll give up on in March,lol)