Tuesday, 28 August 2012

"Handy Louboutins"

Christian Louboutin is famous for his sexy, red heeled shoes. He's currently fighting a legal battle to make sure he stays distinctive with his red soles.
Until my Louboutins arrive, these will have to do:
Louboutin nails

Black on top and red under = Louboutins,lol

I had the Pigalle (120mm, to be exact) in mind when I had these done. But he has soooo many other great styles, that can be 'converted'. Have a go at it!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Any Business Start Up Trainees in the house?

Did anyone attend this program???

 I was super busy that day so I could not even daydream about attending, but I still want to know what happened. So fill me in if you were there. Pretty please. 

Nothing 'curd-y' about Lemon curd

I have  a new bundt tin. I love how it instantly glams up cakes; if cakes were human a bundt tin would definitely be an instant-chic accessory!

now those are sexy curves!

Anyway, I have plans to make some lemon cupcakes later this week. So I decided to make lemon curd as a filling for them. I now have one burning question on my mind: why it it called lemon CURD? Curd sounds like something that smells funny and looks like it's gone off. This  looks like golden sunshine

Some things are so inappropriately named, smh.

Stiletto Nails

This is one trend I'm currently enjoying. It even got me back into the nail salon to get acrylic..or were they gel?... nails again. I was such a fan a few years ago, but after a while I couldn't be bothered to keep up the salon trips.Read as constant injuries to my cuticles and don't forget that electric-shock pain that rips through you when you whack your nail against something, especially when you're due for a refill!
In fact, women are amazing! the things we subject ourselves to! lol

Had them done at Marie Noelle's @ Osu.
I forgot to Submit these beauties to Grazia's #ManicureMonday on twitter: @Grazia_Live, so you'll have to do :-)
Gold Nails to pick up the gold in  my dress. It was a pretty dull, cloudy day so it didn't look too bright, even with my gold sandals :-)
Thank you JenJen: white nail polish with OPI shatter effect in black

More shatter effect colours here
If prefer animal inspired nails, try the 'crocodile print' here 

Glitz Africa Fashion Week(end)

I managed to miss the Glitz fashion week. 

Because I've not been listening to Yfm and thanks to Vodafone, I still have nO broadband internet. I live under a rock so I heard about the 3 day show after I had fully booked my weekend. I still wanted to squeeze it in because I desperately wanted to see Aya Morrison strut her stuff. I need her swimsuits in my life!! *fingers crossed that she has 'em in my size*. Her swimwear is divine, it takes the fear out of exposing potentially wobbly bits by the pool or on the beach. It also doubles as motivation to get your body beach ready to rock one of her sexy African print inspired swimsuits.

How hot are they?!?!

Unfortunately I missed it :( but I will get that swimsuit by hook or by crook.
I will have to catch up on the excitement by reading all about it in Bentsifi's Tattle in The Mirror this Saturday.  And thanks to FashionistaGh I can actually get a glimpse of what I missed *sobs*

Were you at the Glitz fashion week?  How did it go? Who was your new discovery? You weren't? why not? Spill.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Jurist prudence: Can women be fashionable dressers and lawyers? - The Washington Post

Jurist prudence: Can women be fashionable dressers and lawyers? - The Washington Post:

'via Blog this'

This is a subject that keeps me up at night! Ask my friends, I'm not kidding. I don't want to give up style and become a wear-black-all-the-tine, stuffy, staid dresser just because I'm a lawyer. At the same time I don't want to look... inappropriate either.
God bless these women! I would Love to meet these women! I think I just found a couple of new legal role models!

Friday, 17 August 2012

Africa Style Daily

I have discovered a site that I keep going back to. It's Mission, as stated on Facebook is "A fashion news and culture site dedicated to the fabulosity in the African Diaspora!"
What's not to like about fabulosity!??
I enjoy the great features and exciting interviews. They speak to some really interesting people who are doing fascinating things. See for yourself, check out the website here. Don't forget to like their page on Facebook too: Africa Style Daily.  There's something new everyday, you won't be bored!
There's a Street style column on Fridays. Here I am, have a look *bats eyelashes*. I will be featured there for something else too, maybe after I finally [publish] my novel,lol.  Send your fabulous photos to blog@zandileblay.com and you can be featured you in their street style story too. Remember to add your first name, location, hometown, age and occupation. 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Miss KG Kofi Mega Sandals

I spotted these while prowling around on ASOS. Its name drew me to them. I had a good laugh. I honestly won't be surprised if a 'burga' somewhere is nicknamed Kofi Mega. In Ghana a lot of Akan people get their first name from the day on which they were born. Kofi is for boys born on Friday. There must be a story behind this,don't you think? I would love to know what it is. Or did the the people at Kurt Geiger and Miss KG randomly hear the name Kofi and decided to name a shoe after it?

They look so comfortable but I didn't fancy the black [above] I felt the large, black straps would would make my feet look smaller and kind of lost in them and I wasn't digging the platform's loud print. 
I did like the tan colour though [below]. It looked more forgiving, especially with its more subtly patterned platform. Plus at 22 pounds what's not to like?!?? 

My fellow size 5 sisters don't play though. They are forever the early birds, but if you're a UK size 7 or 8 and want a pair, this is your lucky day, grab it here now. There's an extra 10% off the up to 50% sale up for grabs, so remember to enter promo code 'EXTRA10' at checkout(In typical fashion they sent this code after I had made my purchases,smh.) Anyway, if I can't have these shoes, I hope to help them find a good home where 'Kofi's are loved.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Plenty Pain, not much Gain

Being a Ghanaian consumer or a consumer in Ghana is often a painful experience, without the corresponding gain (well I'm assuming no pain, no gain means more pain, more gain)

Shops boldly display: “Goods sold out are not returnable”, causing you to think very deeply about every purchase – Radox or Imperial leather...think hard, because there’s no turning back.
I can’t count how many arguments I’ve gotten into because: I wanted to change an item after the sales person had keyed it in; or decided to change my order after the receipt had been issued ( aah 'fond' memories of the Papaye at Tesano come to mind,lol); or (after waiting eons for the meal) I wanted to cancel the order. A restaurant gets the order wrong and the waiter starts to plead with you to keep it or he'll have to cover the cost...and when I insist I'm a bitch. *rolls eyes*. You buy something that doesn't do what it promised to on the box and they point at the “Goods sold out…” sign. You want to ask for some details about a product or service and they either don't know or don't seem to care. A hair stylist makes you look like a member of the Adams family and expects a cheerful tip. Ahba! 
I've worked in a customer service role before and I get it that customers are very annoying. But most of the things they ask for are at most annoying because it changes the usual routine and takes more time but not impossible like they make it seem. Besides, are they not employed to deal with customers not to stand around and be lazy? 
It can be so very tiring having to fight your way out of everything. Especially when you have to deal with several in one day. Plus depending on where you are, you may have to deal with the by-standers. They also chip in, with pleas, (or snide comments,depending on their mood) making you look like the diva for insisting on what you want. 
You can only escape and get reasonably good service by sticking to the mall or max mart or koala or some other big shop (or at a community store where the owner has known you since you were little). There you will be able to return something, unless bought on condition and at least have a more enjoyable shopping experience. It seems you only get good service when you pay more, so take note, the more bruised your pocket ends up, the better it is for you, lol. 

The internet service providers are just as irksome but almost impossible to escape since there aren't so many of them. My broadband internet didn’t work for 6 whole days and only started working yesterday  because of some fikyri fikyri magic my friend worked on it. Before it went off however, and since it came back on, the quality of service is much like ECG’s: on…off…on…off. On…OFF. (You get the picture). So I complained- Vodafone currently has no policy to give me back my lost time, only a policy to automatically collect my money when the period is up. They don’t exactly rush to my aid, Speedy Gonzales style when there’s a fault either. But I must pay with the speed of Usain Bolt or be disconnected faster than a speeding bullet. BAM! Airtel is also misbehaving: I have no internet service on my blackberry. I can’t even make calls or send texts right now, but they are able to text me to remind me that my subscription is ending so I need to re-subscribe!
It isn't easy for someone with an internet addiction to live like this, if I lived in the US I'd be able to prove I had a condition and sue them *sigh*. (I have heard great things about Glo's internet services, think I should find out for myself).
[Let's not talk about banks. I hear Ecobank and my heart rate doubles]

One thing cracks me up though. You know how it is when you're so upset trying to get the sales person or customer sales rep or whoever to see reason (especially in a smaller shop, not in the mall or somewhere like that).  At least if all fails, I can fight for my rights in a local language, which many understand and seem to respond to better. In fact, it may solve the whole problem just like that. I always feel bad for those who can't speak any local language. The sales rep keeps repeating the saaaaame thing (in English) to an increasingly agitated person in that tone. 
oh Brofo ye duru. [English is heavy]

As if life isn't hard enough without all these high BP triggers.
Oh great, thank you Vodafone for giving me just enough internet to publish my post.