Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Being on a waiting list...and it's not to get the latest designer shoes or handbag...

Ghanaians ( and I think a lot of other people all over Africa and in the world) have an attitude of either rejecting anything they don't understand [with force and hostility] or making fun of it. I do it too, it's quite normal. Instead of trying to understand it or ask questions ,our first reaction (prompted by surprise, shock or ignorance or just sheer meanness) is to be silly.
That said, I don't understand something about the health care system in the UK and I want to poke a bit of fun at it .
I was sick last week, if i was back home I would have gone to see the doctor (ok, not true, I would have self-medicated, but I would have had the option to go. Even better my mother can diagnose by sight and temperature). Now when I actually wanted to see the doctor (because I was afraid someone had given me swine flu or whatever new disease they're contracting these days) I had to book an appointment. that wasn't the problem, the issue was the by the time the date came by for me to see the doctor I was fine!! I felt quite silly going to see the doctor that day, but I had some other non-urgent health matters, so I choose to discuss them
Now a friend is sick, and he might be gone before the appointment; I am considering calling an ambulance (ok , now i am exaggerating : ). funny how the doctors there are swamped with hundreds of patients everyday; and here by the time you get there you'll be fine, so not a lot for them to
I think it's great that the system is so organized; and of course everyone thinks his or her illness is the most serious, so it makes sense....but the wait time can be very long. too bad you cant book a date and postpone until u actually need it,huh? :) Should an emergency be the only way to get seen quickly by a doctor???
 hmm, but obi manso die [translation: (what say do i have) in someone's land]
ok, now i'm hitting the books...that's what i should be doing but procrastinating is so much more not follow my example

.... and on a promotional note :D

I would also like to say congrats to my friend Abena Sekyiamah [and Nana too] on her amazing line : it just launched (on the 27th of November,2009) with a sensational fashion show. (unfortunately I couldn't attend because the private jet that was charted to pick me up developed a fault. I will sue.)

MAKASI Clothing

so if you're looking for a Christmas present, that should be something original to get... also check out 
find them at WINGLOW Clothes & Textiles, 34 Mensah Wood Road, East Legon, Accra (Near Galaxy International School), that's also the address for a party that i will be missing on Satuday. There's a party there this Saturday 5th December,from 2pm - 5pm to celebrate being stocked there. 
Directions to WINGLOW, 34 Mensah Wood Road, East Legon are below:

1. From Shiashie head in the direction of America House
2. After Glalaxy International, take the next turning on your left
3. That road is Mensah Wood Road, go over the speed ramps and look out for WINGLOW on your left hand side.
All are welcome. 

I am very proud of people who strike out on their own,especially in these times when most people want to be sppon fed; so and I think the entire Makasi crew deserves appluase. [I may be biased because i'm her friend but...] I think this is the attitude to have, and I wish her success. 
cheers for Makasi.. and all other entrepreneurs out there!

And also a huge congrats to my cousin [yes, he's successful and I say he is my cousin..any problem??], pasting a link to an article about him:

Contract phones????

A little bird says that zain is introducing contract phones soon...this should be interesting....will keep u updated as soon as I know the terms

Anyway, I have decided to publicize my blog. [you may be scratching your head at this point..let me explain, I began this blog because a friend on facebook thought I should. and it stayed between the two of us, now I think I should expand my 'readership' :) 
details will follow...