Friday, 24 February 2012

"I mean how!??"

Journalism is a tough job. 2 journalists lost their lives in Syria, one who is described as fantastic and is said to have integrity. I hope their deaths amplify, to the world, how devastating President Assad's clampdown is. I hope it does not render... 'insignificant' the deaths of others, especially the many faceless, unknown Syrians whose deaths will only be mourned by their families and loved ones and certainly not covered by the international media.
May their souls rest in peace.

The Ghanaian media though..they make the job look extra hard...I mean they must be busy dodging bullets and incantations thrown at them by juju men (they are good dodgers too, because most are still healthy and fit and concerned about item 13)...that must be the reason why they cannot verify the simplest of facts...right?? (like from Google, for example)
that's definitely it, they have way more important, potentially life threatening things to do. That's gotta be it!

'cos if not this will be inexcusable....
Seriously?!???!???!????!???! 0_o
(I think I took this from the 11th February, 2012 edition of the weekly spectator)

Nb. Not that Willow is the Dalai Lama or anyone particularly important...not in my books anyway BUT if they decided she was important enough for you to print a story about her in their newspaper - which I paid for - (welllll my father did, but my righteous indignation covers my whole family) then you might as well print the right thing!
The story is such a non-issue that I can't believe they bungled it up! What if it was something serious? I cant take the Spectator seriously after this (not that I ever have, mind you) The person in the picture is a GIRL. Yes she's only 11 so she's still quite angular but a girl nonetheless. And her father could not have helped her with her hair as she is now ..well ...bald:

If they can't even be bothered to verify her gender, let alone google [current] pictures of her for their story I wonder what else they don't check!

And these are the people who are supposed to inform us, educate us and tell us the truth about things. Instead they are printing stories they cannot confirm to be true and making pronouncements on radio which they may or may not be able to provide proof of.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thanks SO Aesthetic and Ugodeal

I forgot to show you my lashes from SO Aesthetic. The ones Ugodeal helped me nab for half price.
I love them!!!! Intend to go back and get the glue so I can recreate the look at home. I was told they would only last a day but they lasted 4! and I pried them off myself, they didn't fall off.
I got loads of compliments. I fooled so many people into thinking they were natural. They didn't look Jordan or Nicki Minaj fake (not that I have any actual problems with the fake look,...but on most days it is a bit much for us mere mortals with simple, peasant lives, especially when you look as if there should be 'Made in China' etched on your back)
Anyhoo... here it is:
batting my eyelashes was my favourite activity those 4!!! it was listening to compliments AND batting the lashes in thanks :)
I cant post more pictures because I was in a hurry to rush off to school, so my long face was looking even longer than usual. This should do.
Love them! Felt very cute and vain the entire time I had 'em on...must repeat feeling soon!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Beggars with Golden Calabashes

Beg (verb) \ˈbeg

How absurd would that look? A beggar with a designer calabash? or better yet a golden one or one who accepts Visa or MasterCard!? You wouldn't feel sorry for him, would you? It would elicit a range of different emotions from different people, but empathy would probably not be one of them. After all do you have a golden calabash?? so why donate money to the golden calabash holder? Besides, it makes no sense, does it? using something so valuable to BEG for peanuts? it really should be the 'beggar' haughtily selling tickets to view of his calabash or auctioning to the highest possible bidder.
 When I started to write this post I hadn't read Kweku Appiah's Ghana, a begging millioniare. Now I have and it sums up many of my thoughts, thank you author. Read it. 
I beg

I just wonder though: Why do we like to beg like that???!?? *'local' tone*
Ehhhhnn??? wtf!
Everywhere you go there are people begging for something "small": offices, the streets, at the airport, in the village, in the city!! Ah why?? It's annoying papa!
 I once heard a white tourist complaining to a security guard that they were being harassed by a beggar, the same one for over an hour ( it was one those little Chad...Chadian?? kids ( you know...there are a lot in Osu and spreading...those fair, curly haired kids who beg harass wear you out for money. They were cute but are now growing up and begging with their pimples). I laughed so hard I had to bend over and clutch my tummy. I was laughing because I knew what was coming: as soon as the complaint was made, the security guard shoo-ed (more like HERH-ed and threatened) the child away and then turned right around to beg the tourist for something small. The look on his face made my day:

The terms used to ask for the "something small" can be very bewildering. There are the usual "something for lunch", "something for coke", etc. But I recently heard a new one: "won't you slap me small?" I honestly would have obliged if it had been directed at me and not the friend I was with. I haven't slapped anyone before and I sincerely feel as if I am incomplete as a woman.
The ones who scare me are those who don't beg openly. When you think you've gotten away a messenger will quickly catch up to you and remind you of your obligations...otherwise 'next time..." *ominous tone*

I have nothing against thanking people for services rendered or a job done well. In fact, it's quite nice to appreciate and to be appreciated...but not when you're demanding it, by giving specifics BEFORE you do the job, as a condition TO do the job. What's your salary for? no matter how inadequate.

It's embarrassing to watch how little we will settle for or better yet how much we cheat ourselves out of because we have the begging mentality. It happens all the time, pick a spot and watch it unfold...and cringe.
  Because we like to beg, we're always offered spare change
(Roots theme song plays) Aren't we descended from brave, wild warriors who used to conquer lands?or evolution has digested that gene in us. The minute you stand up for your rights unfavourable labels are attached to you. But what on earth is wrong with demanding something that is due to you? Or due your organisation? or your country? Something that is rightfully yours??
What is also wrong with doing your job. simpliciter: without qualification or condition. full stop.

Once again I blame lazy,intellectual scum like myself (well I'm not employed yet so it applies to those of you with jobs and degrees, hehehehe).

Sadly true

Monday, 13 February 2012

United We Spit!!!

Despite being very sad about Whitney Houston's passing, I managed to find something to amuse myself (this story and a facebook update about how the shocking performance of the Black Stars killed Whitney...I'm sorry, couldn't help it.)

Apparently, the Enfield Council in North London is trying to get a bye law passed to fine people caught spitting in the street. (Read more: Fines for spitting? * Enfield to outlaw spitting ).
Obviously not a precision spitter.

If passed a spot fine of 80 pounds will be imposed, and refusal to pay could lead to prosecution and a further fine of 5,000 pounds! Over 3,000 people endorsed a petition in favour of the ban! It must really bother the people of Enfield.

And why not?? It is quite a dirty habit. It raises serious public health issues. Some forms of bacteria, eg tuberculosis bacillus  can live for a very long time under the right conditions and would only need the right gust of wind to transmit it to the nearest person.
the US had to launch a public campaign against spitting to combat TB

Besides, it's very annoying to have to dodge bit and bobs of phlegm and/or what ever constituents of spittle that cannot and preferably should not be ascertained. (Those who sit in cars all the time and never get out are excused for not knowing how this feels) The very sight of some of these globs can lend one a good reason to diet, at least for the rest of the day. I can excuse pregnant women for spitting, as they may produce excess saliva during pregnancy...But if you're not pregnant...what's your excuse??

Those of us here in Ghana will not agree to with the people of Enfield. AT ALLLLLLL. 
How!!?? Look, it is a human right to spit where we please!
How preposterous to even insinuate otherwise! smh. Abrofo paa!! Ours is a nation of precision spitters, praying for it to be made an Olympic sport so the world can be in awe of our talents. I cannot overemphasize precision. I cannot say I have heard any fights break out because a glob landed on another person's foot. It always lands just before you place your foot down, giving you enough notice to side step it. Very considerate, are we not? It unites us as a people, irrespective of tribe or economic status , spitting in the streets brings us together. You think only poor, uneducated people spit?? Think again! People walking and in trotros spit, while windows of Land Cruisers slide down to enable a driver or passenger(s) to bless the street with a gesture of love. The beggar spits and the one dropping notes into his calabash spits too.
The pregnant and pot bellied spit freely side by side. The skinny and underweight are not prevented from exercising their right.
Disease? oh, i'm sure the hot, scorching sun disinfects the air of any toxins before we inhale it. Nyame na owh3 y3nso.
Can you imagine, who kraa? A Police man or AMA task force officers trying to enforce spitting ban? they have a better chance of raising the money from fines by organising a competition instead. You pay to enter and have to hit a number of targets. Winner gets a prize.

We wish Enfield all the best, ayekoo! and Singapore too. It is our human right to spit where we please and we shall exercise it. Those disturbing us all with manners and etiquette; and acting as if they have been wounded when a well aimed shot lands in front of them, take your abrofosem elsewhere.
we don't want to hear it.

Those with the TB argument, hospitals are even offering free treatment, so please allow us. As for Hepatitis A, B,C to Z how can all those alphabets fly through spit? Those asking us to spit into handkerchiefs, you may do it if you please. It is your right, but I would rather use my hanky to wipe my sweaty forehead. Why waste my hanky and how will I practice for the Olympics???
smh. This is how it starts! Soon they will say that when nature calls you in public you should urinate on oneself and not relive yourself o! smh!

Nb. If you fail to grasp that this is sarcasm, all I can say is:

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday Sermon

On my way back from church a few weeks ago, tired of the noisy gospel songs the radio stations were playing, I found BBC on the dial and it provided some respite. I had tuned in to The Strand, and Noo Saro-Wiwa, daughter of deceased activist Ken Saro-Wiwa, was being interviewed  about her book Looking for Trans Wonderland. She spoke about her difficult relationship with Nigeria and corruption among other things. I honestly was merely passively listening, not really engaged, until the discussion took a certain turn. She started by saying that if there was a more religious country in the world than Nigeria then she hadn't been there ( she is a travel writer and I'm sure she's very well travelled). She described how people (Christians) called upon God 24 hours a day in Nigeria, in all sorts of ways in loud voices. In her book, she has made a pronouncement which the presenter of the show described as "startling",I found it thought provoking.
"The Nigerian reliance on God to change material circumstances will ultimately hold our country back more than corruption, I suspect"

She 'defended' her statement; saying that's the sense she got from some Nigerians, as a columnist could write that those who pray should do so and exorcise the demons from the crazy drivers. She went on to speak of people's own power to change things...

Today (I didn't go to church) and I find her words replaying in my head. Her statement easily applies all over Africa, where loud forms of worship are preferred and weekly church rituals are observed. And yet society is degenerating: every applicable standard is falling, "things are not the same as the old days". Massive corruption is uncovered everywhere and many places battle with violence and aggression, break down of family systems and a myriad of issues. But churches are getting bigger, religion is more widespread than ever and more people are turning to why doesn't this reflect in the society? ( and I do not mean by gay bashing, it seems to be the popular way to affirm ones faith. smh)

The thing is God can materially change one's circumstances, and even a whole country's if He chooses to or perhaps if the people are truly dependent on him. But what does dependency here mean: doing nothing and waiting for Him? or doing something and calling on Him for help? or is God redundant in politics (and football matches) ??
 I find that most people would rather cry for the relief that actually do something about a situation. Any situation. It is easier to do so (unless you cannot sit still like some of us) isn't it? Who are those doing nothing? I see a few categories of people 1. those of us who do not rely on God entirely but use him as a fall back (which we think is reliance because we're desperate) 2. the lazy people who use reliance on God as an excuse to do next to nothing. 3. Those who are afraid of change/confrontation because they're not confident and use reliance on God (to rectify the situation) to mask that. this list is in no way exhaustive.
I find it impossible to accept that you do nothing to change your situation: the Bible says he who does not work will not eat. But I find it mentally exacting to draw the proverbial line: when does your own effort, ie your own 'power' (of which you have none because all you do is by Grace) ,end and God's Grace begin. The thing is that there is no line for Christians because they know that they are not relying on themselves. (we with) Carnal minds find it mind boggling.

I think a paradox applies here: work like it depends on you, but pray ceaselessly because it depends on God. Truth is most make little or no effort and expect to be rescued by God because they asked nicely. We've all done this at one point or another...right?

Anyway, I digress, I agreed with Noo that using religion to sedate the populace transforming them into an ovine docile mass who skip to commands of their leaders and only cry to God for relief is quite redundant.
 This is not  even Christian (I can't speak for Muslims, but I dare say they are 'action' people too). Truly religious people are powerful people and not docile dummies. As a Christian righting wrong is part of the job, loving rebukes should be the order of the day. Imagine what a functional country we would have if we had more practising Christians instead of church goers and the gullible being hoodwinked by charlatans standing in pulpits with titles?  Massive corruption wouldn't exist because people wouldn't steal or connive to steal, their consciences would not allow it! They would stick to their principles. Only the truly, utterly desperate would resort to such gargantuan means (lmao, couldn't resist.)
Away from politics, in the event of one of our frequent power outages a la ECG, the traffic situation would not be one of chaos and anarchy. In order to fulfil the requirements of loving your neighbour (read as fellow road user) common sense and neighbourliness would prevail. Apply to other scenarios. If we practised what was preached to us we would still be a peace loving country, but there wouldn't be as much room for the bad politician, power brokers and other hungry people to manoeuvre.
So maybe what we need is a reliance on God in order to change our circumstances, but please note not the loud cries and obvious, superficial worship we do so well. A practical reliance on God: trimming excess; not being wasteful; being truthful; standing for what is right and actually following His word, while we go about our daily activities and interact with people. Doing our part, while trusting Him to make our effort enough to cause a paradigm shift. This would require us to actually read His Word, meditate on it and seek His face and listen to His voice.

Yeah, the not-so-loud or easy reliance, the one that He must send us strength for. That kind. The kind that can transform you and change your lifestyle...the hard, difficult-to-do kind. Not the Sunday-ritualistic-back-to-your-life-during-the-week-kind-of-reliance.

Not interested? I thought so. yup.
That's why we stay in our cesspit, crying out to God, stay held back and statements like that stay true.

Happy Sunday :)

Angelic voices

Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson 

Etta James
.....hope they all sing in heaven's choir now.... RIP


smh at myself

For someone who supposedly loves fashion and shoes it doesn't show much here. smh. I'm going to change that...promise .. 

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

a spot of unpaid advertising: Ugodeal

Since no one is handing me any amount of the Woyome cake, not even 2k *sigh* I am busying myself with other ways to look and feel like a few billion (old) cedis.
I signed up to a newsletter, called Ugodeal, sometime ago which gives me discounts and coupons for restaurants, leisure activities, shops etc. (which can apparently mean end of thinking capacity, by the way ,lol). I think it's pretty cool because I like trying out new places and things and it sure takes the pinch out of it when you don't pay full price, especially when you have a not-so-good-experience. 
It offers members money off services, or meals or items. You have to purchase the deal from Ugo deal - pay through their bank accounts or with mobile money. You print off the deal coupon when it becomes available and take it to the 'merchant' to redeem your discount. (please call ahead first, just to be safe)
I will be using it for the first time today, going to have my lashes done at So Aesthetic. I can't wait!

I remember signing up and paying for a discount card when I was in Uni, the student discount card. Let's just say I didn't have such a super positive experience with them and leave it at that.

I'm really praying the Black Stars whop Zambia in the match today! I can't afford to lose any weight screaming in frustration at the TV screen! O Dear God, please play our faulty positions for us, as usual and let us be victorious so we give u praise (accompanied by both christozonto and azonto dance forms ;)

Creative Advertising

aww, this is soooo cute!! Paypal has blocked my account I would have made a donation to rescue dogs! (yes, I know i've not finished solving the problems in my own country, leave me alone!)
creativity at it's best. the (rather mangy-looking) mutt looks tooo cute working so hard, awwww. Great to see how the issue of rescue dogs is highlighted, in a fun way, while making the product look cool. fab! I'm trying to remember enjoyable Ghanaian adverts I've seen that carry a message....

( a brukutu brukutu song from a  Ghanaian advert is playing in my mind -______- lol! )

see the ad:

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The #AyewProject!!

Jordan Ayew

Ghanaian ladies be patriotic!!! just look at Dede Ayew's performance, now add Jordan! multiply by a team of Ayews! Ghana will be unstoppable!!! Sign up now!!!
We'll accept other nationalities but take note that the child WILL play for Ghana. Goalkeeping, Defending and Striking qualities will be greatly appreciated.
When the Ayew brothers gain some more experience we'll use them too, don't worry ;)
Help build the Ghana Black Stars.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

woyome tuune!

I love how Ghanaians include a light hearted touch in all that they do, whether it's a good thing or not is a raging debate, but this is one time that it had me cracking up.

this song includes the nation's new fave word: GARGANTUAN so no wonder it'll be a huge hit! lol
the clip sums up the highlights and main players of the 'show'
enjoy! *giggles*

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

SugarHiGh: Marshmallow fondant

I have decided that I am h)nam p3 job...a busy body.
Why else would I decide to make fondant, instead of buy it?? But I think I know why: Most people don't like fondant. It seems that it's considered a necessary evil, of sorts. especially with  celebration cakes.
Products like Satin Ice  exist and are said to taste good, if you can get your hands on them. So instead of being stuck with the not-nice fondant, I attempted to make my own.

Anyway, here's my attempt:

melted the marshmallows (in the microwave)

mixed in the confectioner's sugar till I couldn't stir it  any more

began to knead it (at this point, it decided to split into 2 balls and I couldn't figure out why

after a battle royal I managed to whip it into shape, neaten it up and wrap it in cling film for the mandatory rest period. (my shoulder still aches from the kneading)
It felt a bit stiff before I refrigerated it overnight, but I popped it into the microwave for a few seconds before colouring it, and it was perfect!(-ly pliable)
coloured the fondant by adding little bits of the gel colour and kneading till it was a uniform colour 

now my fun began: rolled it up and cut it into heart shapes, using a biscuit cutter


red velvet cupcake, with buttercream icing topped with a big ol heart

fooling around with marshmallows

verdict: Fondant is NOT for the faint hearted or for the weak limbed, especially marshmallow fondant, which seems kinda tough to handle ...BUT I did enjoy eating it! ate almost half of it. tasted muuuuuuuuch, much YUMMIER than the sickly sweet and/or (and I have an impossibly sweet tooth) artificial tasting, hard stuff that cakes are sometimes cemented/plastered  with.