Sunday, 15 April 2012


I am wondering whether to continue with this post...
In view of the Electoral Commission of Ghana's decision to change the voters register to a biometric one to minimize fraud, I went to register to vote and dutifully took pictures ( with the permission of the officials at the Jack and Jill school polling station) ....but I security wiped my phone yesterday and would you believe those pictures are the only ones that are missing!?!? *slaps forehead*
I have only one picture, the one I took with my digital camera, before deciding that the phone would be more convenient, smh... I was so excited about sharing the whole experience too... complete with pictures of the annoying individual who crossed the queue  (nka 3bey3 d3n na ay3 me ya,lol) and everything else. It took me a while too! There were about 30 people queued up to register. I was there from 9am to 11.45 am (by which time my carefully applied make up had melted away thanks to the heat, so I am NOT showing you my card!)
If it wasn't for the fact that I would be jailed for at least 2 weeks and/or fined, as well as not be called to the bar because I would have a criminal record, I would go and register all over again, just to provide you with pictures.
Let's hope the process stays generally peaceful, if we all speak out against and condemn the incidents of violence I want to believe  the politicians will's an election year! it's when they're most obedient and pliable.

There's something that I was wondering about: you are allowed to bring two voters along to vouch for you if you do not have any other means of proving you're a Ghanaian etc. But no information is taken from these 'guarantors': there is no form to fill and no particulars collected. At least I haven't seen or heard of such a form. Apparently all they have to do is show up and say they know the person and that he/she is a Ghanaian.
simple. Isn't that too simple??
I felt that was a little too easy. It should be slightly onerous so people do not vouch 'by heart', no?. And there should be some records kept, so that if an issue came up later on there would be someone to contact or hold responsible. At least that's what my little brain thought.
I've managed to get two usually apathetic people to register, and I'm very proud of myself.
Go and register too, if you haven't might come in handy,lol.

What have you noticed while registering?
What irregularities have you heard about?