Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Did You Miss Me??

I miss blogging!
Truly not being lazy this time, promise!
I have been 'fighting' with Vodafone over their Customer Services. Would you believe one fine day my modem just stopped working ( or is it called a router? *bbm confused smiley*) The thing that brings the "internet waves" stopped working. And for some reason I can't blog from my Blackberry. I should have gotten a wordpress account, they have an app! :(
Due to my busy schedule, I could only go there on a weekend. So I carried my router to the Cantonments Vodafone office. In fact, I went there empty-handed to request a technician and was advised to bring the thingy because the technicians were out. (I didn't think about it at the time but if all the technicians were out, who would be available to work on it when I brought the thingy??) So I went back home and carried the modem or router and brought it....I was then told all the technicians were out.
Lucky for me there was one chap there and he offered to look at it for me. He is an army officer and I'm afraid so I will say nothing more. He told me the power cord was damaged, in fact spoilt. I found that weird because some of the lights were working. If the power cord was spoilt shouldn't everything be off?? *confused smiley*. I didn't understand how that could have happened either and I wish I could have said the power had been regular but as Electricity Comes and Goes chooses when to supply it's power  this excuse was not available to me.
After reporting this to the sales representative she asked me to pay for a new modem\router  (oh leave me alone). It's not that it's cheap too oh! Herh! Ghc90 or so! I was not amused. At allllllll. Do they think that amount is beans? *naija accent*
In order to replace my allegedly ruined-beyond-repair power cord I had to buy an all new modem\router!
Really!??? She said yes. Why? Because they only ship complete units, they don't import extra cords.
She 'generously' added that if I could prove that I had owned if for less than 6 months they would happily replace the whole unit.
(They then sent a spirit to my house to steal my receipt, because I cannot find it!!). I was then graciously advised to go to the "market" and buy one from the "phone guys".
I rather took it to an...let's call him an independent technician, to check out the cord.  According to him it works so I should get the Vodafone technicians to come to my house to check out the telephone line.
That is the battle that I'm losing. it's been about three weeks, I think ( I have no innate sense of time, forgive me) and they have not come to check on it.
What is a blogger without an  internet connection? :(
I just hope they heeded my request to suspend the account because if they dare tell me that my money is finished.... chei!! *naija accent* they will know my name paaa.
Have they stepped on your toes too? tell me about it. I will be very sympathetic and supportive.
I hear there's a class action brewing against ECG (but that's another story) so they should be careful.

But I'm using my friend's mobile modem in class and blogging today because someone I met this weekend told me they missed reading my blog so I should update it. It was someone I was meeting for the first time. I felt (and still feel) very cool and like such a star! U digg?
(You don't really get it, do you? It's because you're not a star, don't worry, your time will come :p )