Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Noise Pollution

I'm being forced to 'listen' to a dinner in commemoration of the passing out of fire service personnel.
Why? Because I'm privileged to live in close proximity to the borstal home which is the venue for the event.
I might not have complained much even though I am being bombarded by LOUD brass band music....However, I cannot stand was the manner in which the english language is being mauled by the MCs. Their expressions and choice of words have me bursting into fits of giggles, in spite of my irritation.
The problem is that I can't escape it because it is being 'streamed' LIVE into my bedroom, regardless of my feelings.
Unfortunately my laptop is out of service for the moment, I wanted to check the laws of Ghana on noise pollution and nuisance.
You see, I live in a 'proper' residential area, at least as far as I know. And as far as I am concerned, no one sought our permission to disturb us. If they did they didn't tell me that they had.
But of course, this is Ghana and a funeral constitutes sufficient purpose to block a public road.
It's only 9 o'clock and I'm only thankful that tomorrow is Thursday. I'm hoping that will force an early end to this delightful occasion.

The MC is now announcing what's on the menu and my dad and I are considering going down there to enjoy some grilled tilapia to compensate ourselves for the disturbance.
We're consoling ourselves with the fact that this is the fire service's first passing out at Borstal, maybe by next year they would have learnt to operate the equipment, especially the VOLUME button so they don't disturb us...their lovely neighbours.

Monday, 18 July 2011

X_X *hiding face*

At this point I'm wondering if blogging is really a calling of mine. I even have a little goodbye-i'm-throwing-in-the-towel 'speech' made up: goodbye, I guess I'm not a good blogger and see you around.
But...that's not gonna happen today.
Maybe next week or next year. But today I want to remind myself that laziness overshadows talent. I love (\loved??) to write. I wrote a novel at 15, in high school,almost (which doesn't count) got it published and I can't bring myself to write a couple of blog posts a month?? Seriously? Is this the depth to which I've sunk??
I'm embarrassed.
So I'm 'punishing' myself to keep at it until I'm satisfied with my performance. Then I can give it up if I don't feel like it, not because I couldn't do it.
Yes, I can!
*drops mic and walks off pumping fist in the air*