Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Oldies but goodies and fabulous newbies

Was just having a chat with friends about great movies....I can't learn 24/7...allow me.

My all time favourite Ghanaian movie is True Colours...but I seem to be the only one who really remembers it! :( 
Michelle Attoh was in it, and I had/have a huge crush on her, so I remember paaa. It's a 1997 film; I remember the film had Omanza Shaw,Dusty Wayne, and Naa Kwale Dove (her name struck me) in it.
It was such a good film! I remember they went camping, that was soo cool to me,lol. And in the exciting 'last show' or "lasshow" as others say, Michelle Attoh and the Police had to chase Omaza Shaw, who had kidnapped her son, down the runway of the airport as he tried to flee the country in a small plane.
I like the movie because it was a change from ghosts haunting people; naughty kids going mad from weed and ignoring advice; the villains committing suicide; people dying from the sheer shock of an event or becoming paralysed etc lol.
I really want to watch it again and see how it measures up against today's movies. (I think it can stand though). Wonder what happened to the movie's writer and its producers. Did they make any other movies? anyonw know where I can find it?
What's your favourite Ghanaian oldie? (Don't say Who Killed Nancy?!! Lol)
Who remembers The Schemers?? And Step Dad? Police Officer!! Lol! #memories. Can you remember other oldies???

Speaking of great films, have you seen the Avengers? You should!! 10/10! I've seen it twice already and I'm prepared to see it for an unprecedented third time. 
 (Well unless you don't like comics, but if you have watched silliness like American Pie, you should watch such awesome-ness too)
I soo don't regret all the comics I bought and harassed my parents to buy for me when I was a kid. (O my poor mother, who wanted a girly girl). One or two characters didn't make it but it doesn't matter. The film killed it. The other movies coming out this year have a seriously high standard to live up to.

ps. I dare say my dear ol' true colours is better than this movie....even though I have not seen it,lol!