Friday, 25 May 2012

Hair Sale!!!

I love getting a great product at a great price, don't you???  

Check out Exclusive hair on facebook! they're having a sale on all types of hair and textures: Brazilian,Malaysian, Cambodian, Indian...they could probably get you mermaid hair if you asked nicely,lol.

(One of my friends will come and quarrel with me about this post. We (Read as she talks and I listen) often disagree about natural hair. This is to pre-empt and hopefully stop her: I like changing my look. Period.I like straight hair, wavy hair, short, long...kinky or curly. I am not ashamed of my hair or it's natural texture. I just like changing my look. If it looks good I will rock it, whether it is mine or not, now shooooo!:p )

I have braids on right now,I think they're they most convenient do to write exams in...can't wait till I done though to try out something new.

The gorgeous girls who run Exclusive hair are nice enough to provide pleeeeenty of inspiration as to what you can do with your hair once you buy it:
Brazilian Straight curled with a curling wand into lovely spiral curls!
Frontal styled in an elegant side-swept bun

There are looads more ideas on their page. You should send an email to for a price list or more information and like them on Facebook.
Rush now, while stocks last...they even ship internationally...and the travel straightener freebie won't hurt either. RUSH!! 

ps. I do know the people who run the page, but there's nothing in this for me and they didn't ask me to help them advertise. I just think they have great hair and that you should take advantage. Happy shopping xx