Sunday, 30 September 2012

No Away - Becca & M.I.

If this doesn't get you feeling all cute, warm, fuzzy, lovey dovey or thinking about a particular person, report to me asap.
[on the other hand, if you're lonely or  recently had your heart broken this video will send you reaching for the tissue box]

Friday, 28 September 2012

EL's "Kaalu" video finally out

I give up trying not to post azoto vids.

whaaaaaattt  Adwoa Smart = Sex Symbol! 

SofĂ­a Vergara, Angelina Jolie, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian allll 'kaalu' 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Why vote?

(These images are borrowed, they weren't created for Ghana...but they spell out what I want to say so bear with me. I am borrowing the images from Borders, Perrin, Norrander, an agency based in Portland, USA's  voting consciousness campaign for the US elections)

Many people hold the following view:
Them, means politicians.

Others also feel that:
But you still  have to Vote for 'Nobody' for all this to happen, if 'Somebody' or "Anybody' wins, it might be different...just saying...

While these points of view may be more true than false, but there's probably more to lose by standing aloof and unconcerned. At the end of the day it isn't really about the politicians (well, it shouldn't be), it should be about us *drumroll* THE People!  and what we want. Elections are the only time you get to show 'them' your krakyi powers and flex small, I don't know why anyone would want to pass up that chance. Maybe the odds that your single vote will be a tie breaker are rather slim, but maybe it will add up to another couple of thousand votes and make a difference. Who knows?? #GetInvolved
I think it's always better to take part, even if you kick yourself later, than not to get involved and regret being a dry fish later on (Natasha and friends, that's you :p). You may even feel that you  ended up being governed by a bunch of idiots who you are greatly, massively intellectually superior to, and if that happens na who cause am? (please ooo! I am not calling anyone names oo, I am just saying that by not voting this is a risk)

You can choose not to vote if every single little thing is ok with you:
If fuel prices and related transport fares are not killing you or if you're not feeling the pinch at all.
Don't bother.

If you're not bothered about the fact that we manufacture next to nothing in Ghana, don't vote.

In our case, this will be the value of our cedi taking a battering from the other currencies. If you're not worried about  the strength of the cedi, take a seat and don't vote.

If you have found your solution to health care delivery, don't vote.
Do remember that you can be caught up in an emergency and the hospital you end up in will not be your choice...still comfy?
*shrugs* don't vote.

housing is upside down. affordable housing is needed. If you have your own home in the location that you desire and so do all your friends, family members and colleagues don't vote. 

(and not just any teacher, a well qualified teacher)
Education in this country has to be sorted out. If yours is, and you're certain of that of your own [future] children and relatives, your friends kids', as well as that of all the kids that your children will  come into contact with, don't bother to even listen.

I honestly don't belive it's the government's job to do everything, including wipe our noses when we sneeze. But unfortunately most Ghanaians cling to that mentality and often demand waaaay too much from politicians and the system. What I do believe that is people should be held accountable for their stated responsibilities and things they [willingly, voluntarily] say they will do.
So if everything is just fine the way it is, don't vote.
If you don't want any single thing to change, don't vote.
But do note that by not voting you may actually change things and rock your happy boat. The only way to drive is by steering not by giving directions from the passenger's seat. So VOTE!

 If you're not 100% up to date on the issues, don't just fold your arms: find out so you can make an informed decision on the issues (not a beauty or tribal or class or religious or who-your-father's-friends-are decision) and vote.
Listen to the candidates, read their manifestos/policy statements/agendas; find out as much as you can about the issues and then think about Ghana. Don't think about just yourself and your household (at least try!). Think about the country as a whole and vote.

(Who am I kidding, right? #StomachPolitics lol)

you, just vote...
stop finding excuses, methinks you dost protest too much  

So all I am saying is:              

and if after it all you want to be stubborn and still do not vote, then by all means do not complain

About anything.
Just Shush until the next election.

What do you think?? Share if you enjoyed this, or if you agree, or if you smiled or LOL...just share. No standing about unconcerned here.        

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Material losses < Good times

Ever heard the saying, it goes something like this: he who thinks he's standing should be careful, lest he falls? Or something like that. Yeah. That saying has taken on a whole new meaning for me since my blackberry was stolen on Sunday at the Labadi beach. I've been there enough times to think I could keep myself and my valuables safe. Who knew how sadly mistaken I was,lol. If you "lose guard" for two minutes you will be 'kwashey'-ed.
I've been a disorganised wreck since then. I had no idea how much information I relied on that phone to provide and I'm still experiencing withdrawal symptoms.  Lesson learnt: hard copies are still the best!  Allllll this happened because of yam and turkey o! Oh! Smh. Follow your heart and not your stomach. But, if you decide to follow your stomach store your valuables somewhere safe.
I've just been wondering if there is security of any kind at the beach? There should be police posts there with all the stuff that goes on there, shouldn't there? If they won't keep us citizens safe, they should at least guard the tourists. Anyway, I will "super-glue my phone to my body" next time I go there. They will have to take me with it.
I've learnt so much about phone security since then [why my friends didn't share all this with me when I still owned the phone, I cannot tell. smh]. My parents seem rather happy with the turn of events, as I'm not perpetually hunched over, typing furiously on my keypad. And of course, no more pinging noises to disturb them. One man's meat...
Anyhoo, saw the pictures we took on Sunday and realised what a great time we had! Mr Kakashi your pics are gorgggggeous!!! xxx
Good times are always  better than material things, right...right??

Sundays are beach days

The Sensei

Kakashi captioned this pic "Bottos watchers". I'm calling it "Life is not fair."

*sees phone and remembers* *sobs*
Do not covet your neighbours' property but she lives no where near me so I'm coveting her sunnies! (ps. VIP's stylist should note they're for ladies) 

Google is the new Chanel -_________- lol
The Reason!- Don't go to Labadi beach without eating this yam and turkey. That's the only reason why I go there! lol. watch out for the pepper though. It's slow but sure.

Found Eddie's 'self animals', lol
Usain Bolt, eat your heart out

Labadi Beach 
Be careful at the beach! Those guys are Usain Bolt fasssst. 

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Rapperholic rapper and BET Award winner Sarkodie has been verified on twitter! Follow him:


Twitter only verifies "highly sought [after] users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, advertising, business, and other key interest areas" and those who are likely to be impersonated. hehehe, so now you know it's a big deal, right? The general public [that's you] cannot send a request to be verified. Twitter will come to you. As one of Sarkodie's over 83,000 followers I'm 'veri' excited.
The blue tick beside his name means his account is Verified  #swag

Coincidentally, that  another Ghanaian [American] Sarkodie is verified too: he has just a little over 2000 followers though: Kofi Kwarteng Frempong Sarkodie. He plays 'soccer' in the US. Add that to the list of Ghanaians going places. 
Who do you think will be the next Ghanaian music personality to be verified?? Will it be EL  [don't forget to vote for him to Win at the Channel O Africa Awards: ] 
or maybe Efya @EFYA_Nokturnal who might be picking up the Award for Best Female artist at the Afro Entertainment Awards in Chicago. Read the full story here.
Who's your money on? Wanlov?

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Curly Aspirations

I've been thinking a lot about going natural lately. During the exams period I had some braids that looked very natural and I got loads of compliments. I even got mistaken for a fashion designer once, hehehe. (I must have been looking exotic). All this positivity had me thinking I could actually pull this feat off.

But when I tell people that I am going to stop relaxing my hair the responses I receive vary. They range from raised eyebrows and  LOLs, to "it won't suit you" , "your face is too small "and "you're too adventurous for natural hair".                                                                                 
I love being told I can't do something, so I can accomplish it and come back with a report and not say I told you so. So naturally, pun intended, I became more determined.
But I decided there wasn't going to be any big chop (BC) for me, no matter how liberating it's said to be. I didn't feel particularly bound or imprisoned, so thanks but no thanks. I only want a curly change because I've gotten bored with my relaxed hair, because it isn't down to my back yet. I've developed a passion for big, curly hair. Think Scary Spice.
my hair in it's hey days....

Also, I remember how I looked in high school, I'm not going back to that 'little girl look'...not until I'm old enough to make it count,lol. When asked to guess my age people always stay within the18 - 21 bracket, until very recently. Now I get 22s and 23s. If I slack by showing up with short natural hair I fear I might backslide to 12 - 14 -______-

So I went to see the lady who had been hooking me up with all the lovely braid styles, because she's a great natural hair stylist (if you want her contact details let me know). She does my friend Amakie's hair most of the time and her hair always looks great.
Amazing Amakie

I had been doing my research and reading blogs:   6-foot-long-hair  * Transitioning movement * Curly Nikki * guyanesesista for advice. My grand plan was to keep both textures for as long as I could and cut off the relaxed ends when I felt it was long enough to style. Once I had gained enough length to style it on it own, then I'd cut the relaxed end off. That was my well thought out plan.
She proposed that I cut it all off. But I insisted on sticking to my plan. So she suggested cutting my hair a bit, so my hair would grow faster and not break.
Sounded reasonable to me....


It's obvious that hairdressers don't use imperial or metric measures. They use light years!!! 

There were some hysterics, maybe a attempt at rejoining the hair, but none of that is important now.
I love changing up my look and going natural won't change that. I think it's going to facilitate a lot of new looks. I can't wait! Honestly though, I think this is going to be a test of wits [my hair has always had a will of its own], maybe I'll finally have no choice but to learn the elusive virtue of patience. Keeping an eye on other newbies, like naturalista gh because I'm going to need lots of reminders why I wanted to do this in the first place,lol. I've also been told that it's easier to go natural when you live outside Africa, because of availability of products, etc. *scratches head* I guess I'm gonna find out about all this and more.
Stay tuned :D

ps. Somewhere in the world Miss Fizz of LITK is probably rotfl at me for my previous belligerence.