Monday, 12 March 2012

A Penis in Technicolour: Whose fault -The Flasher or the Broadcaster?

I hardly watch TV, so I am always at a disadvantage when it comes to issues that involve TV-watching. (Just yesterday I discovered there's a program called "Azonto and you"!!)
I usually discover TV programs while walking past the TV on my way to one activity or chore or another, then BAM! something catches my eye.
This time my attention was drawn to a TV show by picture I was sent  on BBM of Wanlov's "own lov" that was apparently laid bare on Delay's show. Soon enough people posted the clip on  Facebook so I watched it for myself.

As is usual of attention seeking antics it has generated a lot of talk (hehehe, I can only imagine what sort of questions some parents of some young children will have to deal with after this).
But why are people upset with Wanlov though? he isn't exactly known for "responsible" behaviour, so why saddle him with all this responsibility. He actually brands himself as an anything goes, feel-free, do whatever he pleases artiste. Just listen to some of his more explicit lyrics and you will just smile or shake your head. But you will "give up" on him when it comes to the 'responsibility' issue. Not to say that he should be allowed to do "just anything" but he didn't film it personally and out it on the net himself. Other people did. He was just being his usual attention seeking  controversial self.

I think responsibility lies with the Producer(s) of the show and the channel it was broadcast on. I don't watch TV often, but I have seen that show once and I don't remember it having a live audience or being a live show. That means the scene could easily have been edited; they could have blurred the man's bits so it didn't appear so vividly, clearly and in live colour on TV. But that is exactly what the presenter wanted.
I'm not yet sure if the presenter can be held (legally) accountable as she did egg him on quite a bit. She seems to court controversy though so that's exactly the kind of stunt she would pull. So why didn't anyone else at the TV station call someone to order??

The moral argument is a whole different ball game, ie should he have known better and refused? She should not have pushed the issue. Did he have to go so far? blah blah blah. (Remember that this is showbizness and they felt they had a show to put on. Nb. I'm in no way condoning it)

For those whose anger has tied their undies up in bunches, you can make a complaint to the National Media Commission. In fact, the National Media Commission is empowered to act on it's own in certain cases, so maybe they will act....or not.

Wanlov the Kubolor
But I'm just saying I think the one to be called to, let me put it this way, the to one to be held primarily responsible (legally, at least)  is really not the "flasher" (Wanlov)  but the one who broadcast the flash (whichever station the show is on) the entire world and the one who produces the flashing show (the producer(s) of Delay's show. (Please note that 'flash' is used here as a figure of speech, for that length of time that that penis was exposed 'pay per view' would have been more appropriate, hehehehe)

I just wanted to put that out there.

Let's see how this turns out more fire or if it will be a usual Ghanaian thing and die out next week.