Wednesday, 7 March 2012

KONY 2012

I don't know about you, but I have never seen such a massive wave of support for a cause in Africa, as KONY 2012 has managed to drum up! especially a cause that doesn't have any economic benefit to the.. ahem, intervening state...(or is there??)
that's so impressive!!!!
Within these few hours I have read quite a few question marks about the Invisible Children, eg from the  Visible children ( and and and
But the focus is and should be Joseph Kony and making people aware of who he is and what he has done.
Don't let the doubts surrounding the Invisible children detract from that message.

If you want to join in: but be aware of the criticisms of the organisation and of the fact that simply arresting him, as the main figure (and the means through which this can be done) will not automatically mean peace and happiness and bliss (...points at Libya...should I point at others? )
If you want to support in other ways do a little research, but by all means, spread the word! It's so inspiring to see so many people united and speaking with a single voice.

ps. I bet a lot of politicians, including Ghanaian ones, are wishing they could latch onto the free global publicity
oops! did i just give them an idea?? lol

(did you notice how most of the people on the ICC indictment list are from Africa!!??? Is it a court only interested in prosecuting African leaders or are the African leaders are sooo bad they dominate all the top slots? hmmmmm...)

And how is it that I live in Africa and I didn't know this?? I obviously have to learn and inform myself a whole lot more than I have been doing!!! and I think you should too.

(sorry I keep updating this post, I keep finding information I didn't have previously)