Thursday, 1 March 2012

Happy birthday Mummy!!

My mum's birthday is on the 1st of March. I used to make her french toast for breakfats on her brithday, so this year i decided to revive that and serve it to her in bed.
But my mum is not the mum of old, now my mum doesn't eat sugar and a lot of salt and a host of other things. (Makes living in her healthy house increasingly hard for this junk food lover)

Any way, I took the recipe for Simple French toast from La Petit Brioche and adapted it. ( i really should have done it prettily like she does but forgive I woke up at 4.30am to make sure I could finish AND get to school on time, plus i'm (mentally) slow in the mornings AND not a morning person) talk about hurdles huh? lol.
I replaced/ reduced some of the ingredients: used brown bread, 2 eggs instead of 3, I teaspoon of sugar,1 cup of milk but not full fat.
Took the pictures with my blackberry, so the pictures have a yellowish tinge when the flash is on, I have to correct that.
Eggs, cinnamon and vanilla

soaked in the mixture

frying..over a slightly higher head than recommended (wanted to speed it up a bit)

yes I burnt it a little.
Since healthy living wouldn't allow her to drown them in syrup I put a cherry on top :)  
Took it to her then she tells me she's fasting for Lent:

lol, I love my mummy!