Monday, 2 July 2012

Sarkodie and Wizkid Win at BET Awards, or do they?

I've been in hibernation, totally sleeping my life away, excuse my laziness. I like to believe I've earned it.

Just woke up to say congrats to my boo Sarkodie [please, I've liked him since I first heard his music, waaay before he became a huge star.You recent groupies should fall back] who (co-)won Best International Act (Africa) at the 2012 Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards. He won with Nigeria's Wizkid.

Sarkodie  and Wizkid

So I trawled the 'net for footage of them receiving their award as I wanted to download it and watch it whenever I wanted to see my boo and smile. (I have the video of Kelly Rowland and Trey Songz 'Motivation' performance from the 2011 show for similar purposes). But apparently their awards were given to them backstage!!!
Our whole Obidi paaa, relegated to the back, ehn??? 
*takes out war paint*

Do the BET organisers think they hopped into planes and travelled all the way from "Africa" *in that nasal voice that they use* so they could receive their awards backstage?? Yes, they are stars who can shine wherever they find themselves but I find this so disrespectful and disappointing. African Americans shout the loudest about racism and being disrespected and blah blah blah, look who's dishing it out now!? Had one of them been sidelined like this at a 'white' show there would have been no peace. But it's ok for them to lump together and snub two amazing African artistes under the guise of honouring them? Is it because we're black(er)?? 

Yes, music from Africa has now become "cool". There was a time when it was not: many would not be caught dead listening to it; no one would go and collaborate with an African artiste let alone honour them (except the very huge names). So we thank you very much, benevolent listeners and performers for finally appreciating good music.  BET, thank you for including this category to honour African artistes.
Having said that, with my heart full of appropriate thanks and gratitude, let me ask, why not go the whole distance to honour two [I don't wanna start on these shared awards] individuals who have distinguished themselves out of a group of remarkable performers?? Why pull back at the last moment and not even bother to go through the motions? The only answer I could come up with is that they don't care enough to bother. I haven't heard any 'official' explanation for that, have you? So until then, I'm sticking to my conclusion.

'sebe' when they hadn't included that category at the BET awards we didn't die, but now that the category exists, is it just for show? I think they have detracted quite significantly from the honour and prestige that should go to Sarkodie and Wizkid by denying them the chance to mount that stage for a measly minute to be seen by the world. That was NOT cool.
African American rappers, are often paid huge sums of money to come and perform in Africa and spit a few words onto tracks by African artistes. They're treated like royalty when they come down here: tours, motorcades, extra hot groupies (lol). They even get to meet presidents if they want to. But BET can't spare a couple of minutes to award the African artistes in the same ordinary way they honour theirs???  You mean we're not even up to that ordinary standard of respect? are they not considered as equals??
This is just not good enough. Do we aaaaaaaalways have fight for everything we're due? *sigh* 

Sarkodie is the first Ghanaian to win the award. The previous nominees, Kojo Antwi and D-Black, didn't quite make it. But sadly we were deprived of the chance to see him up there on that stage. We're still mega proud of him though, no two ways about that.
Big ups to WizKid too. I honestly thought, if it was going to be a Nigerian it would be Ice Prince who would win, so I'm pleasantly surprised and happy for him.
Here in West Africa, at least, we will celebrate you and hail you as kings and ambassadors of our new positive Africa that you are. Well done boys! Congratulations!! you'll only get bigger and better! You didn't need this award to become internationally successful, it's just another feather in your cap(s).

Wizkid and Sarkodie

I'm not one to idly complain so I thought I'd try this:
Go and sign it and maybe we can all get them to sit up and take notice. This won't bring world peace or solve hunger in Africa but it might send a message out that we're all a tad tired of being sidelined all the time.
BET: When you do something, go ALL out and do it right. Don't do things by halves.

  *rant over*

ps. Question please: When two people win an award, and they come from different countries and are not friends [unlike say...Kanye and JayZ] how do they keep/share the award? or do they give them two??  I really want to know.

The full list of winners for the 2012 BET Awards.

Best Female R&B Artist


Best Male R&B Artist

Chris Brown

Best Male Hip-Hop Artist


Best Female Hip-Hop Artist

Nicki Minaj

Best Gospel

Yolanda Adams

Best Group

Jay-Z & Kanye West

The 'interruption' moment

Best New Artist

Big Sean

Best Collaboration

Wale Feat. Miguel – “Lotus Flower Bomb”

Video of the Year

Jay-Z & Kanye West – “Otis”

Video Director of the Year

Beyoncé and Alan Ferguson
That's Bey's sister, Solange's boyfriend, btw

YoungStars Award

Diggy Simmons

Viewers’ Choice Award

Mindless Behavior – “Hello”

Centric Award


Best International Act: U.K.

Wretch 32

Best International Act : Africa

Sarkodie and Wizkid

Best Actress

Viola Davis 
from the Help

Best Actor

Kevin Hart

Best Movie

The Help

Sportswoman of the Year

Serena Williams

Sportsman of the Year

Kevin Durant

AOL Fandemonium Award

Chris Brown