Tuesday, 24 July 2012

President Mills Passes Away

Art Work by Nana Kofi (Zhulian Winslow Amoo)

News of the demise of President John Atta Mills flooded the social networks around the same time, with most people asking if it was true...this time. Unfortunately, this time the news is true and not a repulsive rumour, like before. Joy Fm confirmed it, as well as major news networks around the world.
credit: facebook
I always find it difficult to 'talk'  to people who have just lost someone important. What exactly do you say, apart from the empty pleasantries? How much comfort can you offer? I'm having the same difficulty now. What do you say to a whole nation which is coming to terms with the loss of her president. I don't envy the Vice President, John Mahama who has to do this at a scheduled address at 8pm tonight. In accordance with the Constitution the Vice President will be sworn into office shortly. 
It's raining now, after being grey and cloudy all day. As cliched as it sounds even the weather mirrored the atmosphere in Ghana today. It's a sad day today. 

Professor Mills was many things to many people: lecturer, teacher, mentor, leader, brother, uncle etc and many are mourning his death in different ways. Regardless of which side of the presidential divide that one finds himself/herself on or if you're an unconcerned floater, it's almost generally agreed that John Atta Mills was a good man and always spoke for peace. Even the man who was to be his main competitor in the upcoming December polls Nana Akuffo Addo of the NPP has suspended his campaign to pay his respects. This is the most appropriate time to lay down political, tribal, religious and other affiliations to mourn the leader of our nation and celebrate his life of service. 

Such a  devastating event has never happened before in our nation's history but I trust Ghanaians will rally round each other and our flag and stand for peace. God will bless our homeland Ghana.
Rest in Peace President Mills as you rest, away from pain, in your Maker's bosom.

Official Press statement