Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Daydreaming of Fashion Law

I've liked fashion for a long time but I've only, just recently become aware of the existence of fashion law. If I hadn't already majored in Oil and Gas I might have taken a crack at it. [That would have been a truly interesting conversation with my very African dad,lol]. 
Imagine that: fashion and law! two of my favourite things together! Why am I just hearing about this??? *sigh*
Fashion law fascinates me. It's a relatively new niche in the field of law. Well, the fashion industry is a multi-million [insert any international currency here] industry which has relied on lawyers for a long time. It just didn't have the title 'fashion law'. Fordham is about the only school which has a Fashion Law institute. They  are organizing a boot camp on Fashion Law, I'm putting this on my wish list. Fashion law deals a lot with intellectual property law (incidentally one of the subjects I enjoyed the most) but I'm certain, like any other lawyers, fashion lawyers deal with contracting, licensing, mergers, perhaps health and safety compliance, maybe even a couple of wills,lol. I think it's such a cool title: *wears sunnies, strikes pose* "The Fashion Lawyer". If it was a course offered by a lot of law schools you would definitely find all the well dressed and well heeled fashionistas there. 
Hmmm, Ghana's fashion industry is growing by the day....who knows?
;) look out