Saturday, 15 September 2012

Material losses < Good times

Ever heard the saying, it goes something like this: he who thinks he's standing should be careful, lest he falls? Or something like that. Yeah. That saying has taken on a whole new meaning for me since my blackberry was stolen on Sunday at the Labadi beach. I've been there enough times to think I could keep myself and my valuables safe. Who knew how sadly mistaken I was,lol. If you "lose guard" for two minutes you will be 'kwashey'-ed.
I've been a disorganised wreck since then. I had no idea how much information I relied on that phone to provide and I'm still experiencing withdrawal symptoms.  Lesson learnt: hard copies are still the best!  Allllll this happened because of yam and turkey o! Oh! Smh. Follow your heart and not your stomach. But, if you decide to follow your stomach store your valuables somewhere safe.
I've just been wondering if there is security of any kind at the beach? There should be police posts there with all the stuff that goes on there, shouldn't there? If they won't keep us citizens safe, they should at least guard the tourists. Anyway, I will "super-glue my phone to my body" next time I go there. They will have to take me with it.
I've learnt so much about phone security since then [why my friends didn't share all this with me when I still owned the phone, I cannot tell. smh]. My parents seem rather happy with the turn of events, as I'm not perpetually hunched over, typing furiously on my keypad. And of course, no more pinging noises to disturb them. One man's meat...
Anyhoo, saw the pictures we took on Sunday and realised what a great time we had! Mr Kakashi your pics are gorgggggeous!!! xxx
Good times are always  better than material things, right...right??

Sundays are beach days

The Sensei

Kakashi captioned this pic "Bottos watchers". I'm calling it "Life is not fair."

*sees phone and remembers* *sobs*
Do not covet your neighbours' property but she lives no where near me so I'm coveting her sunnies! (ps. VIP's stylist should note they're for ladies) 

Google is the new Chanel -_________- lol
The Reason!- Don't go to Labadi beach without eating this yam and turkey. That's the only reason why I go there! lol. watch out for the pepper though. It's slow but sure.

Found Eddie's 'self animals', lol
Usain Bolt, eat your heart out

Labadi Beach 
Be careful at the beach! Those guys are Usain Bolt fasssst.