Monday, 28 January 2013

Birthday cake

I was given the chance to make my boss' birthday cake. 
That's the kind of thing that you definitely do not want to mess of course I didn't sleep till it was near perfect. 
The very beginning... 

after a sleepless night and the near-certain feeling that this cake would get me fired,lol

That unruly, bent candle tho!

2 Choctastic layers with a red velvet layer sandwiched in between with cream cheese icing and drowned in chocolate

Monday, 7 January 2013

Belated New Year's greetings

One of my...I will hesitate to call it a New Year's resolution...decisions this year was to do less generally and focus on specific things, like this blog.
Let me say Happy New Year since I haven't had the chance to. Hope you have been staying on track with what you resolved to do.
So many days into the New Year, I'd say I'm in danger of
My current short term mission in life is to find a balance....before I drown. I'm swamped with work and can't find much time for my other activities. Is there anyone else on the planet trying to get used to going to work every single day and struggling? Come and give me some advice please. This weekend found me stuck in bed. It wasn't even a choice. I could not move. Your body will take it's rest, so just give it up without a struggle. I've learnt my lesson.
I'm quickly discovering that being a student is very different from working: coffee can sustain you through all nighters for a doesn't quite work when you have to be back on the ball the next day! lol. There is that sense of satisfaction  when you shut a large file like-a-boss because you're done with it though...little pleasures.
This too shall pass. At least that's what I tell myself.

It's a year of New things here in Ghana...New President, New Government, New every-things [I hope!] 
Praying we all have a thankful heart and lots of things to be grateful for same time next year.
God bless!