Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Sky Fell Down

I didn't watch the news reports or take any of the pictures myself, but 10 people have been confirmed dead tonight as a cargo plane crashed into the Hajj Village near the El Wak sports stadium in Accra (which is alarmingly close to a filling/fuel station, as well as thousands of people and millions of dollars in infrastructure).
The plane flattened some cars on its way down, including a trotro ( 207 benz bus), killing its passengers. The crew of the plane, 4 I think, survived.

It seems a lot of unprecedented things are happening lately, first the black out during the match and now this. I feel sorry for Poor president Mills who will in some way be blamed (I've already received a broadcast to the effect that it was because he was watching Music Music, a popular TV show and not paying attention to tower control at the airport). Perhaps someone could lessen his burden and fire or suspend the parties responsible [ok,  now I'm taking the piss, I'm sorry ,lol ]

There is no point going over the fact that our airport is badly located, it's waaaay to close to a huge number of people in case of an emergency (that is even if we had the required emergency response for such a situation). I shudder to think of what would have happened if the plane had caught fire and, fanned by the wind, had reached the filling station on that road...
I was informed that the 'rescue' emergency services reacted quite commendably to this disaster. They secured the fuel leak with foam and took other timely measures to save a bad situation from getting worse. I hear the fire service was on point today! Kudos to them.
Thank God that it was a cargo plane and not a passenger one and that this didn't happen during the Hajj season...and that it had just rained so there weren't as many people about...just thank God.

Here are some pictures:

Nana Kofi Acquah of has put up some pictures as well (spot the difference between a professional and phone camera photos) :

What are the odds of taking a trotro and being flattened by a plane[!] on your way home?!? oh hoh! That's some awful, rotten luck, especially for those who haven't even travelled in a plane before. My heart goes out to the families of the victims. Let's pray that their deaths will be the catalyst to bring some major changes much sooner than much later, as is usual of us. May they not be forgotten.

but ps. those who were there taking pictures, ad3n??? what if the plane had caught fire? ehn?? because you want to know and have something to say abi??! please don't take unnecessary risks with your lives.

Apart from the dangerous location of the airport and the probably preventable nature of this event, which we have all known for years (analysts please don't disturb us on the radio stations), there's something else that's reallllly bugging me. In the surrounding circumstances it is terribly trivial and perhaps finicky of me to even bring it up...but I have to or I won't be me...
A plane CRASHED...but you might not have known it from the Facebook and twitter updates that were 'released' as people heard about it. It became a plane crush...0_o who crushes on planes instead of people?? hmm, it's not by force to update your status on social networks for all the world to see, especially if  your spellings are suspect. "a plain had crush" " a flight has crush" "crush landed plane"
oh hoh! 
I'm  informed my good people are saying a prane clash landed, but I cannot confirm this.
Please take note that, thanks to the internet, everything you write on Facebook or tweet or however you release it into cyber space can probably be seen by the rest of the world. Try to spell correctly ok. Please.
Apparently, even the station of the nation was guilty of this offence *sigh*
can you see GTV saying crushed too? smh
God help us.