Friday, 22 June 2012

Ghana's plan for world domination: Azonto?

I'm posting this a little late but...anyhoo

It seems that the BBC has also gone azonto crazy...or should I say azonto-curious?
Azonto has officially gone global:

Plus Youtube is flying Ghana's flag today!!!

Now the whole world will know this is true,lol:

Before ruling the world, Azonto first won obroni hearts:


Got an ivy league education:

Inspired craziness in Scandinavia :

[smh @ those boxers]

I'm stopping now or I'll repost all my beloved azonto vids, check them out here:

But even thought it's been travelling all over the world, I still think these Ghanaian high school kids rock:

The higher Azonto flies, the further Ghana music goes #winning!

Sarkodie has been nominated for a BET award this year:
 let's hope he brings it back to Gh!

I'm waiting for Azonto to make it into the dictionary and for Microsoft to incorporate it into their programs so Word doesn't correct me all the time, now that'll be TOTAL world domination!

Ps. I feel like Pinky and the Brain could have some use for azonto, Brain may finally succeed in taking over the world...