Saturday, 2 June 2012

Thank you!!

 I didn't make this, took this off tumblr:

4000 page views!!!
I will borrow the [edited] words of  @Mister_bobo (if you wannna follow him on twitter)

"...this is my big chance: Hi Mom and I want to thank my family, my friends, my parents, my uncle, my aunt, my grandmother, my grandfather, my friend, my. .. "Friend," my neighbor, my compadres, my gossips, my Muse, my, my colleagues, my girls, my babies, my parrot, my dog, my cat [it was killed] ,my squirrel, my fish, my refrigerator, my TV, my computer,my facebook, my twitter my youtube channel [does not apply], my mother, my father, this is a great opportunity are giving me...and really want to say that thanks, infinite thanks and I will never forget this special moment I want to wish a special greeting to the Asantehene...wish all that in as much as the bottom of my heart never lose that feeling that many can not read this message as long as a bastard but I do not care I'm very happy of this event, do not fit with excitement and my lifetook an unimaginable sense, I applaud and I go for, aplaudanse yourself for giving me such a great opportunity...and these small and short words that come from my heart just expressing a minimal part of the impressive emotion, thank you all and I hope they're right, oh I forgot, thanks to friends, the amixers, the goats, the sheep, the Goloms all those people that make me feel special to know I'm not as stupid as them, deep and sincere thanks. want to say more but time I can see, all these few words  [emphasis mine] express my greatest feelings and I hope I can present more opportunities in life, and continue to succeed, I love you all those people who read this...THANK YOU SO MUCH"

Simply, thanks for coming by and reading and keep coming!!!, even if you got here by mistake.