Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Recommended Reading

I love to read. 
As a child, I was a regular at the Ghana Library board, next to the courts in Accra Central. Initially, I would borrow 25 books but I was usually done with them within 2 days. After that my poor father would know no peace, as I would bug him for books to read, even going to the extend to sharing his law books with him. I Graduated to 50 books and had soon read most of the books they had, if not all appropriate for my age bracket and slightly above. They had so many books, from Tintin to only God knows who. I was a voracious reader and devoured them all. 
I don't understand why people don't like to read. Books can instantly transport you back in time or propel you into the future; set you on a crime scene or on a magic carpet or broom, zooming through the air. It's like a mini-break from the environment you find yourself least for me, it is. And along the way you effortlessly pick up vocabulary. Goodness knows it is needed around here! I am a wannabe grammar nazi, so don't get me started on the English language. 
Today the Ghana Library board library is a shadow of its former self, as far as I am concerned. It was like a magic cave of wonder to me when I was young, with tons of adventures waiting to be had. It makes me really sad that kids who might want to read won't get the chance to. Would love to lend them all books to read...
Anyway, I digress. Like most ghanaian children I grew up mostly on the books of foreign, non-African writers. Titles from the African Writers series were frequently on my reading list though. I also remember a series called Young writers or something like that with very relatable characters and stories. Fast forward time and there more and more African writers whose works are more readily available. I found this 'list' of books on facebook: Afro Book's page: 
male authors

Female authors

female authors

I've only read:
1. The Girl Who Can and other stories
2.Anthills of the Savannah,
3.Things Fall Apart and
4. half of No Longer at Ease.
5.The Colour Purple
7. Dilemma of a Ghost
8.Half of a Yellow Sun
I have a lot of reading to do, as far as this list is concerned.
I trust that bibliophiles such as the lovely Dava of willl make minced meat of this list. She's already reviewed Americanah:
How many have you read?? and When are you going to start with the others?