Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Open Closure

Konadu shifted from one foot to the other. She stared, confounded. This wasn't how she had imagined it.
When she was buying her plane ticket, she had imagined him being remorseful, beside himself with grief and unable to bear the pain he had caused; full of excuses, none sufficient.
When she boarded the flight, she dreamt of him offering the heavens to make amends, which she naturally refused. She didn't want anything from him.
...Or did she?
Right now, face to face with her father after 27 years she realised she might not really know what she wanted.
But she didn't want this!! -
The man who was her father, had been indignant that he had done no wrong! Saying he had done the best he could have afforded to do in the circumstances.
"The best!??" She echoed, incredulous.
Unconsciously she scratched her head, puzzled. He did the same, unsettled.
They went back and forth for a while and Konadu unexpectedly burst into tears.
He offered a hesitant embrace and his reward was a stinging slap.
She was immediately sorry and moved towards him to comfort him...then flinched, instantly upset with herself for harbouring a shred of pity towards this cruel man.
Overwhelmed by her emotions Konadu sank into a settee and cradled her knees, tears falling silently.
"I'm sorry M'ewura" he said, using a pet name she thought belonged only to her grandmother. The fact that he knew it and had used it angered her more.
"For what!??" Konadu spat out, venom colouring each word, "You did the best you could, didn't you?"
He hung his head and wrung his hands.
"For causing you pain" he offered in a small voice, as if afraid.
"Pain!??" Konadu laughed,a bitter sound she didn't recognise. She felt as if she was having an out of body experience. She shot out of the seat,
"I'm so past apologies 'Dad'! I just want to know what happened...what went wrong! so I can explain it to myself and move on with my life!!"
The dad had been hurled out with such scornful force that she had no doubt his shocked reply was the truth:
"I honestly dunno"
Her sails lost their billowing wind. Even her tears evaporated. She sank back into the seat.
She hadn't been expecting this. She had expected a story. An incident. An explanation!
Not this...empty victory.
What was she supposed to do with this??
How would she heal or construct anything from that?
She thought he would give her something. Why after 27 years of virtually nothing she expected so much she did not know.
This was worse than square one. It was ground zero.
That awkward moment when the much hyped confrontation brings no closure...only questions no one can answer.

And that was it.
Who knew? He might even allow her to leave peacefully. She picked up her bag, what else was left to do but to walk away?

Friday, 25 May 2012

Hair Sale!!!

I love getting a great product at a great price, don't you???  

Check out Exclusive hair on facebook! they're having a sale on all types of hair and textures: Brazilian,Malaysian, Cambodian, Indian...they could probably get you mermaid hair if you asked nicely,lol.

(One of my friends will come and quarrel with me about this post. We (Read as she talks and I listen) often disagree about natural hair. This is to pre-empt and hopefully stop her: I like changing my look. Period.I like straight hair, wavy hair, short, long...kinky or curly. I am not ashamed of my hair or it's natural texture. I just like changing my look. If it looks good I will rock it, whether it is mine or not, now shooooo!:p )

I have braids on right now,I think they're they most convenient do to write exams in...can't wait till I done though to try out something new.

The gorgeous girls who run Exclusive hair are nice enough to provide pleeeeenty of inspiration as to what you can do with your hair once you buy it:
Brazilian Straight curled with a curling wand into lovely spiral curls!
Frontal styled in an elegant side-swept bun

There are looads more ideas on their page. You should send an email to info@exclusive-hair.co.uk for a price list or more information and like them on Facebook.
Rush now, while stocks last...they even ship internationally...and the travel straightener freebie won't hurt either. RUSH!! 

ps. I do know the people who run the page, but there's nothing in this for me and they didn't ask me to help them advertise. I just think they have great hair and that you should take advantage. Happy shopping xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Oldies but goodies and fabulous newbies

Was just having a chat with friends about great movies....I can't learn 24/7...allow me.

My all time favourite Ghanaian movie is True Colours...but I seem to be the only one who really remembers it! :( 
Michelle Attoh was in it, and I had/have a huge crush on her, so I remember paaa. It's a 1997 film; I remember the film had Omanza Shaw,Dusty Wayne, and Naa Kwale Dove (her name struck me) in it.
It was such a good film! I remember they went camping, that was soo cool to me,lol. And in the exciting 'last show' or "lasshow" as others say, Michelle Attoh and the Police had to chase Omaza Shaw, who had kidnapped her son, down the runway of the airport as he tried to flee the country in a small plane.
I like the movie because it was a change from ghosts haunting people; naughty kids going mad from weed and ignoring advice; the villains committing suicide; people dying from the sheer shock of an event or becoming paralysed etc lol.
I really want to watch it again and see how it measures up against today's movies. (I think it can stand though). Wonder what happened to the movie's writer and its producers. Did they make any other movies? anyonw know where I can find it?
What's your favourite Ghanaian oldie? (Don't say Who Killed Nancy?!! Lol)
Who remembers The Schemers?? And Step Dad? Police Officer!! Lol! #memories. Can you remember other oldies???

Speaking of great films, have you seen the Avengers? You should!! 10/10! I've seen it twice already and I'm prepared to see it for an unprecedented third time. 
 (Well unless you don't like comics, but if you have watched silliness like American Pie, you should watch such awesome-ness too)
I soo don't regret all the comics I bought and harassed my parents to buy for me when I was a kid. (O my poor mother, who wanted a girly girl). One or two characters didn't make it but it doesn't matter. The film killed it. The other movies coming out this year have a seriously high standard to live up to.

ps. I dare say my dear ol' true colours is better than this movie....even though I have not seen it,lol!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

New Addiction: Pinterest

Running away from my books...again. makes one wonder how much time I actually spend with them, don't you? *sigh*
I've been avoiding one of my guilty pleasures lately, but when stressed out, my resistance to such things is always low, so I succumbed. It's really cool, but I dunno exactly why it's so cool...it's like having an on-line scrapbook, I guess, and you can rip out pages from the web and stick it in there in files or piles by pinning them...Pinterest.
Try it. It can be very habit forming.

you can look around for ideas on what kind of home you want and its interior

You can look for quirky furniture for future guests you will have [that you don't like]:

look for inspiration for your oh-so-classy imaginary dressing room

look for ideas and dishes to cook and serve to  friends when they come and visit your lovely home

plan your next holiday

Plan a dream wedding

The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't say I didn't warn you...

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


(Anything to get away from my books!)
*Dedicated to 'Paul' En_wae - a new convert with more zeal than the old followers*
My fave book(s) at the moment is the Song of Fire and Ice series, I cannot wait for that last book to be written. My love for it has grown even more since it was made into a series: A Game of Thrones. Episode 5 of Season 2 is out, but I'm saving it for a special occasion, eg when I'm studying and I make some headway in the Law of Interpretation of Deeds and Statutes.
Saw these on The Drunken Moodle and had to share. Cheers to all Game of Thrones fans!

Go here if you want to see more or buy a t-shirt.

Happy May Day

Happy May Day to all workers!!!!
This is coming at a time where the economy is reported to be booming but (youth) unemployment is at a very high rate and there are many other issues but thank you for your hard work!
God bless

iBrows :)

What  have you been up to?
I've mostly been busy trying to be a good student and resisting the temptation to blog, or bake or visit my seamstress or look for shoes or clothes..
Quick question, why do people exaggerate like that?? I have been wanting to stage an intervention for my eyebrows for aaages! We need a therapist trust me :
*tears* Do you believe me now? even deserts have more vegetation that I have eyebrow hair. smh

  I get by by drawing some one. I'm nowhere near as perfect as Blazerwhore  who has a whole tutorial video on it, but I get by.
Someone told me waxing would help, but I heard so many horror stories about the pain that I have been putting it off for the longest time. As for threading, don't go there, only wicked people can do that thing. So at my age, until the 26th of April 2012, I had never waxed my eyebrows.
(whatever :p )
I decided to man up and get it done and stop being a wuss!
So I went to Marie Noelle Spa (at Kuku Hill, in Osu, Accra) and they did it beautifully for me, I actually look like I have eyebrows now *bats eyelashes*
concentrate on eyebrow, ignore everything else :)

aaaaaaaaaaaaand it was even painful! uncomfortable at some point, yeah, but nothing life changing. AH!
Fear is a very bad thing. smh. Cowards really do die many times before their deaths.
Even yours truly with an incredibly low threshold for pain managed to get it done, so no one else has an excuse for mangy looking brows.
I'm feeling so super duper confident that I'm sure I can handle a Brazilian Wax too! lol.
I had my nails polished for a whopping ghc8 (yeah, cos my eyebrow wax cost only 10!) and it lasted a mere 2 days. By the 3rd day it was in such bad shape that I had to wipe it off because I was attending an engagement. A friend swears by their manicures so maybe I was just a fluke, but not again. I will return to get my eyebrows waxed though, loving the job done.

Fairytale Wedding Standard Raised!

No words necessary, just watch and gape in awe.