Saturday, 5 May 2012

New Addiction: Pinterest

Running away from my books...again. makes one wonder how much time I actually spend with them, don't you? *sigh*
I've been avoiding one of my guilty pleasures lately, but when stressed out, my resistance to such things is always low, so I succumbed. It's really cool, but I dunno exactly why it's so's like having an on-line scrapbook, I guess, and you can rip out pages from the web and stick it in there in files or piles by pinning them...Pinterest.
Try it. It can be very habit forming.

you can look around for ideas on what kind of home you want and its interior

You can look for quirky furniture for future guests you will have [that you don't like]:

look for inspiration for your oh-so-classy imaginary dressing room

look for ideas and dishes to cook and serve to  friends when they come and visit your lovely home

plan your next holiday

Plan a dream wedding

The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!!!
Don't say I didn't warn you...