Tuesday, 1 May 2012

iBrows :)

What  have you been up to?
I've mostly been busy trying to be a good student and resisting the temptation to blog, or bake or visit my seamstress or look for shoes or clothes..
Quick question, why do people exaggerate like that?? I have been wanting to stage an intervention for my eyebrows for aaages! We need a therapist trust me :
*tears* Do you believe me now? even deserts have more vegetation that I have eyebrow hair. smh

  I get by by drawing some one. I'm nowhere near as perfect as Blazerwhore  who has a whole tutorial video on it, but I get by.
Someone told me waxing would help, but I heard so many horror stories about the pain that I have been putting it off for the longest time. As for threading, don't go there, only wicked people can do that thing. So at my age, until the 26th of April 2012, I had never waxed my eyebrows.
(whatever :p )
I decided to man up and get it done and stop being a wuss!
So I went to Marie Noelle Spa (at Kuku Hill, in Osu, Accra) and they did it beautifully for me, I actually look like I have eyebrows now *bats eyelashes*
concentrate on eyebrow, ignore everything else :)

aaaaaaaaaaaaand it was even painful! uncomfortable at some point, yeah, but nothing life changing. AH!
Fear is a very bad thing. smh. Cowards really do die many times before their deaths.
Even yours truly with an incredibly low threshold for pain managed to get it done, so no one else has an excuse for mangy looking brows.
I'm feeling so super duper confident that I'm sure I can handle a Brazilian Wax too! lol.
I had my nails polished for a whopping ghc8 (yeah, cos my eyebrow wax cost only 10!) and it lasted a mere 2 days. By the 3rd day it was in such bad shape that I had to wipe it off because I was attending an engagement. A friend swears by their manicures so maybe I was just a fluke, but not again. I will return to get my eyebrows waxed though, loving the job done.