Thursday, 14 March 2013

The Best Man's Dilemma (2)

Continuation of The Best Man's Dilemma 
Declining, she explained that she had driven her sister's car to work that day, so assured Ato that he didn't need to drop her off. Guard down, he leaned in to accept the grateful hug that she offered....

As they often say, One thing leads to another. That hug led to a kiss. That kiss led to a 'proper' make out session. Primal urges took over: jackets were crumpled, make up was wiped off, shirts were missing a button or three and a rip appeared in Tina's hem, accompanied by the obligatory stamp of shame.

Neither of them could remember exactly how they had gotten home that night or who had stopped their session from escalating further. But now they were both hooked. They still snuck out, but no longer just for lunch. They masterminded covert operations to meet up secretly, coded messages were transmitted and they engineered their schedules to ensure they always worked late, all the while laughing off their colleagues comments and taunts.
They continued this way for months.
One day, while shooting each other seductive glances across the room, Tina’s eyes fell on Ato’s desk. They fell on his girlfriend’s picture to be precise. It was still on his desk, and she was still smiling sweetly in the frame. Tina furrowed her brow. Across the room Ato wondered what that meant, this gaze wasn't the usual come hither look he was used to.
There and then she decided to cut it off. She wasn't a “bad girl”. Neither had she set out to steal any one’s man, or become the dreaded ‘other woman’. She definitely didn't want to be second fiddle to anyone. The only one her man should have on his desk was her! And if he couldn’t do that then she shouldn’t be with him.

Tina had been talking to a guy for some time. He was really charming and caring, plus he was single. Picking up her phone, she replied his message, which had been left unanswered from morning.
A few weeks after that she decided to go on a weekend away with him to an idyllic spot that she had wanted to visit for ages. The entire trip was amazing. Michael was sweet, charming and completely attentive. 
There was only one problem, he wasn't Ato.

As soon as Tina got home she arranged to meet Ato. As she later narrated to a friend, I decided that I couldn't lie to myself anymore. "...I told Ato that I loved him and only him  and that I didn't want to be with anyone else, regardless of his circumstances...but he didn't say anything and I was so crushed and disappointed"

The silent man may not have said much at the time but he broke up with his girlfriend a few days later. Ato did not tell his girlfriend the real reason why he was splitting up with her. He felt that it was better that way. He really didn't want to hurt her and he truly cared for her very deeply. But the connection that he had with Tina was so intense; he simply could not ignore it any longer.
Ato and Tina started to date officially after that, much to the revulsion of their colleagues. But they didn't care, instead they worked through the guilt they both felt about how their relationship started. They were finally free to be together and shrugged off all the nastiness. Tina ignored all the comments that people passed and the 'advice'. She could not even fathom the thought that Ato would cheat on her: Their relationship was too important, they had been through too much and what they shared was much too special. Those were Ato's precise words, and she believed them.

...Three years later Ato and Tina are getting married and are at the rehearsal dinner...

Kwame shook his head. In church? Hmmm. How can I possibly tell this 'adulterous' story, even though it would captivate and titillate its audience, in the church!??! The best man wondered. Catching, the eye of the groom he gestured for him to come over to his seat. They needed a cover story, and fast!