Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Best Man's Dilemma

Ato and Tina worked in the same office. Tina had gotten to know him pretty well after working closely with him on a client's account. She found him absolutely irresistible but he had a serious girlfriend and he was a straight laced kind of guy. He wore the girl like a shield and made it clear to everyone in the office that he was serious about his girlfriend. He even kept a picture of her on his desk and spoke to her often during the day. He spoke so highly of her and the work she did. No one couldn't believe such handsome, 'clean' guys existed any more!
It started out as a joke, Tina began to call him my "my office boyfriend", named their relationship the "AccuRate affair" (after the name of the client whose account they were working on) and it quickly turned into a major flirtation.
They would e-mail each other all day, sneak out for lunch, meet by accident after work, magically bump into each other on weekends and joke about it all at work. Ato was joking...initially. Tina laughed through it all, but not because she found it funny.
Tina knew it was getting serious one afternoon when they were driving back to the office after a cosy lunch somewhere. He placed his hand on her knee the whole way. You think that was nothing, but it was electrifying for Tina.  And if you knew Ato you would understand that it was a big deal.

All this while nothing 'major' had happened.

A few weeks after the 'first contact' Ato and Tina had to work late. Nothing untoward happened. It really was a just a late nate at the office, working hard to meet a deadline. When they wrapped up their tasks they congratulated each other and Ato offered Tina a ride. Declining, she explained that she had driven her sister's car to work that day, so assured Ato that he didn't need to drop her off. Guard down, he leaned in to accept the grateful hug that she offered....

[to be continued]