Thursday, 21 June 2012

State of Mind: Fretting

5 papers down and 1 to go.
*whew* Thank God.
Hopefully these will be the last papers I write for quite a bit. It's been almost 7 years straight of education: 
I think I'm tired.
Instead of the usual joy that should accompany the impending end of exams I'm weighing myself down with the uncertainties of what's beyond the papers.
Will I pass all my papers so I can be called to the bar?!!!? 
Will I have time for a break before 'life' starts?
Where'll I work? Will I like it?
What about my other plans?? Will I have the time?
My plans have plans, how'll I implement them?
MOney, money MONEY! *sing song voice*
I tend to think in leaps and bounds, clearing months, even years at at time...complete with details, plan B,C, D down to G.
It's not easy being my brain.

My Current State of Mind: 
 Wondering what the next 90 days will bring
Feeling as if I may be missing my calling,
 Feeling as if I am living in the wrong country, 
Puzzled by all these feelings
looking for  a that way out, 
wondering if this is PMS, LOL!

reminder to self:

All Shall Be Well.