Friday, 2 December 2011

AZONTO practice

I am completely taken with this Azonto craze, unfortunately I have as much body/dance coordination as a crab...i merely scuttle sideways. I miss the days of grinding, a lot of effort but not many steps *sigh*. Been looking at a lot of videos when i'm bored. I am determined to learn.

My mum's fave video and  i'm in love with these boys (and their sound effects) can one of them come and give me lessons please:

i saw this and : 0_o ummmm...... :x *falls off chair laughing*
I am so distracted by those large muscles I didn't see any of his moves.( Did his shorts have to be so tiny?? and why isn't he wearing a shirt?? )

I can't believe he danced for almost 14 minutes and I consistently saw new moves! This my new tutorial video btw.

practice makes perfect (i too can do it :D )
(i cant embed this video for some reason)