Monday, 12 December 2011

Gorillas, Lions and the Battle for the Jungle

I'm home sick, I woke up with a lovely bouquet of seemingly unrelated symptoms that have knocked me flat out. So I'm home trying to study for a test I have tomorrow.
Anyway, got of the phone with someone I have grown to admire a lot and the conversation was full of so much positive energy that I feel better. (Will give you details about that later)
I have grown to admire this young man because of his work and because he turned out to be very deep different from what I initially judged thought.
*drum roll*
Yom (he looks serious and dignified in this photo...not to say that he usually isn't *innocent look* lol)
I read his note and it made me feel so...revolutionary! I wanted to do 'something'! So I am sharing it with you. Here's to everyone who hates the 'system'; the nonsense we have to go through for the simplest things and longs to change it. First,be the change you want to see and be comforted in the knowledge that the other lions and lionesses are gathering and we'll support each other.


They think they reside in positions of power, they think they decide but that position is ours,
We are the minds, we were raised in the green grass and blossomed into flowers.

We posses the antidote
To evolve into lions, for long our system consisted of antelope
Our thought processes live in the world the white man tried to conceal from us.

We are the open minded
We refuse to be sold the common dream of pensions after a life led mechanically

Free spirits, the Bold, champions of the beautiful.
Prostitutes to diversity in the face of adversity.

Older generations may claim hope is not an emotion they can invest in us
But they forget our unity even if stemmed from Azonto sits us above the short sighted division caused by their shallow minded politics.
So don't fuckin sit there smugly acting like you are a refined product talking about; there's no hope for the youth,
U destroyed our hope with your selfish desires and insurmountable greed you were narrow minded zealots who still!! even at the prime of your mature years cannot see beyond ewe and Ashanti, Ga and Fanti.
tribalism should have died when Ghana was born.
Instead you placed all the tribes on a burning coal pot and fanned the flames with your strongest. arm.
So what if I Sag my pants, at least I'm open minded enough to have an "Ashanti" as my best friend.

We think along completely different lines so when you are calling it Ghanaian hospitality I'm calling it ass kissing shamelessness
And when I sit at a table with "white" people, there's no way I'm letting them belittle my country no chance in hell. Even if they're paying for "dinner".
You are cowards!

I do not steal, I do not cheat I do not suppress the growth of my own brother. We do like to have fun.
But that doesn't mean we don't know Britain or America's main interest in Libya was to suppress the establishment of the African monetary fund, or that oil is the main reason behind the united state's middle eastern tirade.

That does not mean we do not know the current GDP is 13.6 or that you have signed a greater chunk of our oil reserves(our suposed savior) over to the western world
We just refuse to talk abut these things because YOU make it look so distasteful so unappealing with your barrages of insults your threats of violence, your psychotic rants that scares most of us in silence.

Some of us will not be quiet anymore.

And let no man raise a tongue of objection towards me demanding respect,take your respect and put it where the sun does not shine.
I will respect you on the basis that you care about me and my generation and from what I can see they don't give a damn!!

Sometimes You watched in silence, other times you took part and helped the western world get rid of all Africa's lions, through coups, uprisings and this fragile concept of democracy.
Scary part is some of you would not mind plunging us into war and chaos just so every public office can hang a picture of yourself on their walls

You are not men!
real men don't buy or sell their Adam's apples.
Real men earn their Adam's apples after serving under the voice of truth and reality and compassion, real men look into the future, real men look beyond their families and beyond the children of their children.

Real men are sources of inspiration!

None of you inspire me.

And the very few who might have, enjoy their success in silence acting oblivious, so yes they too have become sheep in a society governed by wolves, so when they're told to eat grass they ask whether u want them to bleet after that.

Should you really be offended when they call us monkeys?
Because to have his needs satisfied, An alpha male gorilla beats members of his own family(nation) with a stick, you do so with financial and political power, also the gorilla is said to be very protective over his family and beats his chest to ward off enemies. Reminds me off u, only difference is, the noise u make is empty.

Keep making your noises, we are coming, slowly and gradually we will sit in the thrones and hopefully some of you will still be alive to witness the thresholds to which we will take this country.

That is when you will come to the realization that even though u lived in Ghana u were dead to the concept of mother GHANA.

We are in the time of the Gorillas in suits,
but the lions,
O the brave lions will roar again.

-yom writer poet

inspired by and dedicated to
solomon kotei quashie,
sherif christian bello.
zaaki harun,
yoofi peyo odamten,
rodney hyde longdon
frederick nana akuffo,
hardy labaran,
kofi tetteh,
Kwesi essah,
carl engman,
quasi adu,
graham sebastian
makafui mandevu adevu and every other lion [Yom! and lioness!!!] in waiting .......