Friday, 24 February 2012

"I mean how!??"

Journalism is a tough job. 2 journalists lost their lives in Syria, one who is described as fantastic and is said to have integrity. I hope their deaths amplify, to the world, how devastating President Assad's clampdown is. I hope it does not render... 'insignificant' the deaths of others, especially the many faceless, unknown Syrians whose deaths will only be mourned by their families and loved ones and certainly not covered by the international media.
May their souls rest in peace.

The Ghanaian media though..they make the job look extra hard...I mean they must be busy dodging bullets and incantations thrown at them by juju men (they are good dodgers too, because most are still healthy and fit and concerned about item 13)...that must be the reason why they cannot verify the simplest of facts...right?? (like from Google, for example)
that's definitely it, they have way more important, potentially life threatening things to do. That's gotta be it!

'cos if not this will be inexcusable....
Seriously?!???!???!????!???! 0_o
(I think I took this from the 11th February, 2012 edition of the weekly spectator)

Nb. Not that Willow is the Dalai Lama or anyone particularly important...not in my books anyway BUT if they decided she was important enough for you to print a story about her in their newspaper - which I paid for - (welllll my father did, but my righteous indignation covers my whole family) then you might as well print the right thing!
The story is such a non-issue that I can't believe they bungled it up! What if it was something serious? I cant take the Spectator seriously after this (not that I ever have, mind you) The person in the picture is a GIRL. Yes she's only 11 so she's still quite angular but a girl nonetheless. And her father could not have helped her with her hair as she is now ..well ...bald:

If they can't even be bothered to verify her gender, let alone google [current] pictures of her for their story I wonder what else they don't check!

And these are the people who are supposed to inform us, educate us and tell us the truth about things. Instead they are printing stories they cannot confirm to be true and making pronouncements on radio which they may or may not be able to provide proof of.