Thursday, 23 February 2012

Thanks SO Aesthetic and Ugodeal

I forgot to show you my lashes from SO Aesthetic. The ones Ugodeal helped me nab for half price.
I love them!!!! Intend to go back and get the glue so I can recreate the look at home. I was told they would only last a day but they lasted 4! and I pried them off myself, they didn't fall off.
I got loads of compliments. I fooled so many people into thinking they were natural. They didn't look Jordan or Nicki Minaj fake (not that I have any actual problems with the fake look,...but on most days it is a bit much for us mere mortals with simple, peasant lives, especially when you look as if there should be 'Made in China' etched on your back)
Anyhoo... here it is:
batting my eyelashes was my favourite activity those 4!!! it was listening to compliments AND batting the lashes in thanks :)
I cant post more pictures because I was in a hurry to rush off to school, so my long face was looking even longer than usual. This should do.
Love them! Felt very cute and vain the entire time I had 'em on...must repeat feeling soon!