Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Beggars with Golden Calabashes

Beg (verb) \ˈbeg

How absurd would that look? A beggar with a designer calabash? or better yet a golden one or one who accepts Visa or MasterCard!? You wouldn't feel sorry for him, would you? It would elicit a range of different emotions from different people, but empathy would probably not be one of them. After all do you have a golden calabash?? so why donate money to the golden calabash holder? Besides, it makes no sense, does it? using something so valuable to BEG for peanuts? it really should be the 'beggar' haughtily selling tickets to view of his calabash or auctioning to the highest possible bidder.
 When I started to write this post I hadn't read Kweku Appiah's Ghana, a begging millioniare. Now I have and it sums up many of my thoughts, thank you author. Read it. 
I beg

I just wonder though: Why do we like to beg like that???!?? *'local' tone*
Ehhhhnn??? wtf!
Everywhere you go there are people begging for something "small": offices, the streets, at the airport, in the village, in the city!! Ah why?? It's annoying papa!
 I once heard a white tourist complaining to a security guard that they were being harassed by a beggar, the same one for over an hour ( it was one those little Chad...Chadian?? kids ( you know...there are a lot in Osu and spreading...those fair, curly haired kids who beg harass wear you out for money. They were cute but are now growing up and begging with their pimples). I laughed so hard I had to bend over and clutch my tummy. I was laughing because I knew what was coming: as soon as the complaint was made, the security guard shoo-ed (more like HERH-ed and threatened) the child away and then turned right around to beg the tourist for something small. The look on his face made my day:

The terms used to ask for the "something small" can be very bewildering. There are the usual "something for lunch", "something for coke", etc. But I recently heard a new one: "won't you slap me small?" I honestly would have obliged if it had been directed at me and not the friend I was with. I haven't slapped anyone before and I sincerely feel as if I am incomplete as a woman.
The ones who scare me are those who don't beg openly. When you think you've gotten away a messenger will quickly catch up to you and remind you of your obligations...otherwise 'next time..." *ominous tone*

I have nothing against thanking people for services rendered or a job done well. In fact, it's quite nice to appreciate and to be appreciated...but not when you're demanding it, by giving specifics BEFORE you do the job, as a condition TO do the job. What's your salary for? no matter how inadequate.

It's embarrassing to watch how little we will settle for or better yet how much we cheat ourselves out of because we have the begging mentality. It happens all the time, pick a spot and watch it unfold...and cringe.
  Because we like to beg, we're always offered spare change
(Roots theme song plays) Aren't we descended from brave, wild warriors who used to conquer lands?or evolution has digested that gene in us. The minute you stand up for your rights unfavourable labels are attached to you. But what on earth is wrong with demanding something that is due to you? Or due your organisation? or your country? Something that is rightfully yours??
What is also wrong with doing your job. simpliciter: without qualification or condition. full stop.

Once again I blame lazy,intellectual scum like myself (well I'm not employed yet so it applies to those of you with jobs and degrees, hehehehe).

Sadly true