Wednesday, 8 February 2012

a spot of unpaid advertising: Ugodeal

Since no one is handing me any amount of the Woyome cake, not even 2k *sigh* I am busying myself with other ways to look and feel like a few billion (old) cedis.
I signed up to a newsletter, called Ugodeal, sometime ago which gives me discounts and coupons for restaurants, leisure activities, shops etc. (which can apparently mean end of thinking capacity, by the way ,lol). I think it's pretty cool because I like trying out new places and things and it sure takes the pinch out of it when you don't pay full price, especially when you have a not-so-good-experience. 
It offers members money off services, or meals or items. You have to purchase the deal from Ugo deal - pay through their bank accounts or with mobile money. You print off the deal coupon when it becomes available and take it to the 'merchant' to redeem your discount. (please call ahead first, just to be safe)
I will be using it for the first time today, going to have my lashes done at So Aesthetic. I can't wait!

I remember signing up and paying for a discount card when I was in Uni, the student discount card. Let's just say I didn't have such a super positive experience with them and leave it at that.

I'm really praying the Black Stars whop Zambia in the match today! I can't afford to lose any weight screaming in frustration at the TV screen! O Dear God, please play our faulty positions for us, as usual and let us be victorious so we give u praise (accompanied by both christozonto and azonto dance forms ;)