Wednesday, 1 February 2012

SugarHiGh: Marshmallow fondant

I have decided that I am h)nam p3 job...a busy body.
Why else would I decide to make fondant, instead of buy it?? But I think I know why: Most people don't like fondant. It seems that it's considered a necessary evil, of sorts. especially with  celebration cakes.
Products like Satin Ice  exist and are said to taste good, if you can get your hands on them. So instead of being stuck with the not-nice fondant, I attempted to make my own.

Anyway, here's my attempt:

melted the marshmallows (in the microwave)

mixed in the confectioner's sugar till I couldn't stir it  any more

began to knead it (at this point, it decided to split into 2 balls and I couldn't figure out why

after a battle royal I managed to whip it into shape, neaten it up and wrap it in cling film for the mandatory rest period. (my shoulder still aches from the kneading)
It felt a bit stiff before I refrigerated it overnight, but I popped it into the microwave for a few seconds before colouring it, and it was perfect!(-ly pliable)
coloured the fondant by adding little bits of the gel colour and kneading till it was a uniform colour 

now my fun began: rolled it up and cut it into heart shapes, using a biscuit cutter


red velvet cupcake, with buttercream icing topped with a big ol heart

fooling around with marshmallows

verdict: Fondant is NOT for the faint hearted or for the weak limbed, especially marshmallow fondant, which seems kinda tough to handle ...BUT I did enjoy eating it! ate almost half of it. tasted muuuuuuuuch, much YUMMIER than the sickly sweet and/or (and I have an impossibly sweet tooth) artificial tasting, hard stuff that cakes are sometimes cemented/plastered  with.