Friday, 27 January 2012

SugarHiGh: Red velvet cake

Been thinking of what to bake for Vals day and I settled on Red velvet cake...a little cliched because it's red but it ticks all the boxes!( it was either that or Strawberry champagne cupcakes, but saving that for a significant other,lol)
 Had loads of fun making a batch and hope to get the chance to make some more this weekend.
I've been looking for the perfect red food colouring for that festive red colour and not dark pink or brown (yes, brown!). I've tried the brands I could get my hands on around here:
Dr Oetker's expensive 'Natural red' came out as brown -_____- 
Sugarflair's Christmas red wasn't festive enough for me. It's ok for small quantities though.

The Wilton Christmas red wasn't bad.

Moirs was more pink than red

* drum roll!!!* my perfect Red! 

and I've finally found had to come all the way from the States! Haven't found any in Ghana yet.

I love the perfect glossy red colour that it gives the cake!

I'm happy now.