Saturday, 7 January 2012

25 questions

These are my answers...have a go at 'em
I would probably be an akwaada Nyame 12 year old.

I would tell them about God and the Peace that only He can give and how it confounds me but always,always works no matter what's wrong, and ask them to try it.
Yup, by omission. Easiest lie to 'tell'

"If not me, who?"
I would be more selfish...very selfish.
*drops baggages* :D
Even spending time, just laughing, with a loved one is worth remembering...a canoe trip comes to mind though...
My family, they're all that I have...and I'm going to distribute some free, nothing-attached hugs :D

Now is the right answer. When it suits me and makes me look good is the human answer.( I'm being honest *shrugs*)
Weakness, but out of weakness strength can grow. 
Yes... (I hope I'm still called to the bar after this,lol)
My God, my relationship with my loved ones, my teeth and being at peace with those I come into contact with.
I ask a lot, but maybe not as many as I should.
I try to, hopefully that'll attract more ;)
Done, I hope. Talk is cheap.
I tried a new hairstyle a few days ago and ate a new vegetable,lol

anything that I enjoy...or maybe keeping track of time isn't my best quality  -______-
I should say I needed all that to be who I am now but if it were left up to me I would have avoided some people; made sure I met others sooner and been more open minded. 
Existing: eat, sleep, work, breathe etc. 
Living: all the above and experiencing things! 
Not very long, i'm very critical of myself.
How to cook and serve food or lecture on an area of law that I really enjoy

I'd choose Money! Time is pre-determined, when it's up, it's up.

Acutely aware. 

cute kids, an uplifting hymn, a compliment, shoes, a cute guy flirting, making someone else smile, mischievous thoughts, a funny moment from 3 weeks ago, irony, pork..meat :D ,  *should I stop now?*
Loving. I would hate to be jaded and cynical and not fully capable of receiving or giving love to those I 'love' the most. The kind of love that will make you take chances, swallow your pride, forget and  forgive sins, eat grudges...just live in the moment. I would really regret it if I did