Thursday, 22 March 2012

Christie Brown

October, 2011
When I was graduating from UoA last year (2010) I asked Aisha Obuobi to make me something to wear. She made a [seemingly] simple, chic dress. When I went to collect it I remember her saying it looked simple from the front but she had created some "drama in the back".
She wasn't wrong! Drama was right!! Everyone asked where I got my dress...and I happily told them it was a Christie Brown creation

I find it much more 'believable' when a  fashionable person is designing a line [as against a 'merely' creative person]. It makes it easier to trust the product because the designer KNOWS what she (or he) is talking about. That why I love Christie Brown: Aisha Obuobi knows and understands fashion.

update: November, 2011
And now that's oh so clear to the world!
On her 2nd trip to African fashion week in Jo'burg she's been featured on CNN!! I am so excited, one would think it was me! smh. But it's exciting to see authentic Ghanaian and African talent being recognized.

Helen Jennings of ARISE magazine was full of praise and described the line as "flirty" and "feminine". Read the full article HERE

 I've found a youtube version of the video, as I couldn't embed the CNN one. Watch the Inside Africa feature here: