Monday, 18 July 2011

X_X *hiding face*

At this point I'm wondering if blogging is really a calling of mine. I even have a little goodbye-i'm-throwing-in-the-towel 'speech' made up: goodbye, I guess I'm not a good blogger and see you around.
But...that's not gonna happen today.
Maybe next week or next year. But today I want to remind myself that laziness overshadows talent. I love (\loved??) to write. I wrote a novel at 15, in high school,almost (which doesn't count) got it published and I can't bring myself to write a couple of blog posts a month?? Seriously? Is this the depth to which I've sunk??
I'm embarrassed.
So I'm 'punishing' myself to keep at it until I'm satisfied with my performance. Then I can give it up if I don't feel like it, not because I couldn't do it.
Yes, I can!
*drops mic and walks off pumping fist in the air*