Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Being on a waiting list...and it's not to get the latest designer shoes or handbag...

Ghanaians ( and I think a lot of other people all over Africa and in the world) have an attitude of either rejecting anything they don't understand [with force and hostility] or making fun of it. I do it too, it's quite normal. Instead of trying to understand it or ask questions ,our first reaction (prompted by surprise, shock or ignorance or just sheer meanness) is to be silly.
That said, I don't understand something about the health care system in the UK and I want to poke a bit of fun at it .
I was sick last week, if i was back home I would have gone to see the doctor (ok, not true, I would have self-medicated, but I would have had the option to go. Even better my mother can diagnose by sight and temperature). Now when I actually wanted to see the doctor (because I was afraid someone had given me swine flu or whatever new disease they're contracting these days) I had to book an appointment. that wasn't the problem, the issue was the by the time the date came by for me to see the doctor I was fine!! I felt quite silly going to see the doctor that day, but I had some other non-urgent health matters, so I choose to discuss them
Now a friend is sick, and he might be gone before the appointment; I am considering calling an ambulance (ok , now i am exaggerating : ). funny how the doctors there are swamped with hundreds of patients everyday; and here by the time you get there you'll be fine, so not a lot for them to
I think it's great that the system is so organized; and of course everyone thinks his or her illness is the most serious, so it makes sense....but the wait time can be very long. too bad you cant book a date and postpone until u actually need it,huh? :) Should an emergency be the only way to get seen quickly by a doctor???
 hmm, but obi manso die [translation: (what say do i have) in someone's land]
ok, now i'm hitting the books...that's what i should be doing but procrastinating is so much more not follow my example