Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Stiletto Nails

This is one trend I'm currently enjoying. It even got me back into the nail salon to get acrylic..or were they gel?... nails again. I was such a fan a few years ago, but after a while I couldn't be bothered to keep up the salon trips.Read as constant injuries to my cuticles and don't forget that electric-shock pain that rips through you when you whack your nail against something, especially when you're due for a refill!
In fact, women are amazing! the things we subject ourselves to! lol

Had them done at Marie Noelle's @ Osu.
I forgot to Submit these beauties to Grazia's #ManicureMonday on twitter: @Grazia_Live, so you'll have to do :-)
Gold Nails to pick up the gold in  my dress. It was a pretty dull, cloudy day so it didn't look too bright, even with my gold sandals :-)
Thank you JenJen: white nail polish with OPI shatter effect in black

More shatter effect colours here
If prefer animal inspired nails, try the 'crocodile print' here