Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Glitz Africa Fashion Week(end)

I managed to miss the Glitz fashion week. 

Because I've not been listening to Yfm and thanks to Vodafone, I still have nO broadband internet. I live under a rock so I heard about the 3 day show after I had fully booked my weekend. I still wanted to squeeze it in because I desperately wanted to see Aya Morrison strut her stuff. I need her swimsuits in my life!! *fingers crossed that she has 'em in my size*. Her swimwear is divine, it takes the fear out of exposing potentially wobbly bits by the pool or on the beach. It also doubles as motivation to get your body beach ready to rock one of her sexy African print inspired swimsuits.

How hot are they?!?!

Unfortunately I missed it :( but I will get that swimsuit by hook or by crook.
I will have to catch up on the excitement by reading all about it in Bentsifi's Tattle in The Mirror this Saturday.  And thanks to FashionistaGh I can actually get a glimpse of what I missed *sobs*

Were you at the Glitz fashion week?  How did it go? Who was your new discovery? You weren't? why not? Spill.