Sunday, 12 August 2012

Miss KG Kofi Mega Sandals

I spotted these while prowling around on ASOS. Its name drew me to them. I had a good laugh. I honestly won't be surprised if a 'burga' somewhere is nicknamed Kofi Mega. In Ghana a lot of Akan people get their first name from the day on which they were born. Kofi is for boys born on Friday. There must be a story behind this,don't you think? I would love to know what it is. Or did the the people at Kurt Geiger and Miss KG randomly hear the name Kofi and decided to name a shoe after it?

They look so comfortable but I didn't fancy the black [above] I felt the large, black straps would would make my feet look smaller and kind of lost in them and I wasn't digging the platform's loud print. 
I did like the tan colour though [below]. It looked more forgiving, especially with its more subtly patterned platform. Plus at 22 pounds what's not to like?!?? 

My fellow size 5 sisters don't play though. They are forever the early birds, but if you're a UK size 7 or 8 and want a pair, this is your lucky day, grab it here now. There's an extra 10% off the up to 50% sale up for grabs, so remember to enter promo code 'EXTRA10' at checkout(In typical fashion they sent this code after I had made my purchases,smh.) Anyway, if I can't have these shoes, I hope to help them find a good home where 'Kofi's are loved.