Monday, 16 November 2009

Wikipedia & Music

Today I was [surprisingly] totally ecstatic because I found a Twi article on Wikipedia: (i must really miss home). I was very impressed though...not a lot of people consider twi to be an internationally important language. I say look at China [yes they do have slightly a few more people in their country than we do..but] I think Chinese people have such a sense of worth concerning their country and apply it in all aspects of their lives. So do Americans. and I have realized that, in life, showing confidence usually inspires others to follow...even if whatever you're showing confidence about is a load of rubbish. Still readin the article and trying to fully translate it, ma twi has gotten rusty of late..proud to read and write it though [if I could only say that confidently about French]
Anyway, I am digressing. meant to talk about music and the amazingly commendable job that the Gh artistes are doing and stations like Yfm for promoting them.
Anyone who listens to Gh music especially hip-life can attest to the amazing progress made. I salute Mr Rockstone for starting a revolution, and all those after him for following... NFL,Obrafuor,Lord Kenya,Akyeame,Nananom and others [my brain has only about 64mb storage, sorry] and others after them for keeping it alive and improving it. [Rber this song??? ]
[still think Reggie's better than a lot of new guys though :) ]

I really remember how generally lame the songs were at first [will not mention any names] I wasn't a fan, in fact I avoided most, cos they could be hazardous to one's ears and common sense! They were just for a laugh, but maybe would grow on you, but no one really took it seriously. Try telling your parents your boyfriend was a rapper, then it was outright they might not immediately cry and gnash their teeth :)
Now it's entirely different, the quality of music now is just extraordinary compared to the situation before. I love hip life or gh rap or twi pop, or whatever they're calling it now and most people enjoy it too. Even the crap songs have gotten better. "Anything worth doing is worth doing well" and the artistes now are definitely doing things well. It's definitely not perfect, but in my unsolicited opinion it's so much better than it was; and it seems set to continue that way.
I was going to conclude by roll calling all the really good artistes now, but I'm dreading leaving someone out,lest they feel slighted [like they can even see this]
Big ups to Okyeame Kwame and Sarkodie! and in no particular order:[please remember it is in no order at all]to Trigmatic, Ayigbe Edem, 4x4, Richie, Tic Tac, Asem, Eazzy, Mzbel,VIP,Scientific, Oj Blaq, Samini,Jane, Sydney,Kubolor, A plus, Skillions,Wuta,Irene, Mensa, Kwaku t & D- black, Castro,Tiffany, Kwaw Kese,Chemphe,Obuour, Praye, kwabena Kwabena, some of the mentor products are doing well too, R2Bees,(sexy) Tinny, Bradez, Becca, Echo...
.....honestly now I'm tired and I still won't get the full list because so many hot new tracks and artistes come out daily. Their Producers and Record Labels are doing great work; the sound engineers (remember the time when almost every track had Apietus mentioned??), the video directors, as well as the DJs and Radio stations.
keep it coming, because we're enjoying it!
I've used 'amazing' a lot haven't I?