Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Time lapse

I haven't blogged in sOOOOo long!! I cannot believe that I have written a post since September! and I obviously don't know how to use the auto-publish feature as the few posts that I had lined up are nowhere to be found,lol [epic fail]. Where did the time go????
It started innocently enough: I was busy getting stressed about job interviews and my call to the Ghana bar. Right after the call I started work at a law firm, so I have been very busy. But I don't know where the days went. I hadn't yet  [still haven't]'acclimatized' to waking up, going to  AND STAYING at work on a daily basis [classes are much easier to ditch *sigh* lol]. I have been coming home and crumbling right into bed and not doing much else. No blogging, not much baking, no shopping. I now understand how work takes over your life!
It's really shocking how time flies. I'm going to be forced to do a lot of retrospective blogging...bear wit me please. I'll complete the posts that I started and didn't finish. I was challenged to keep a style diary when I started working [I have even more respect for fashion bloggers now, it is no joke]. I will badger you to respect your civic responsibility and vote on the 7th of December!!

You'll forgive me won't you? :D