Thursday, 13 August 2009

Creation of Employment opportunities: Proof readers NEEDED

Dot your ‘I’ and cross you ‘T’s was simply how kids were taught to pay meticulous attention to detail. I think a hiplifer should be encouraged to make this into a song, because even adults have forgotten it.

I have a very long list of published avoidable mistakes; seems journalists have been given poetic licence (that is a justifiable departure from conventional rules of form, fact, logic, etc., as in poetry) Imagine the Ghanaian Times misspelling ‘CANAL’ as ‘CARNAL’ in a headline. That word is not used lightly. On TV the presenters use wrong expressions and constructions. Road signs and adverts are full of mistakes. There’s a sign at the Opeibea House traffic light, atop a Sony advert which reads ‘LIBRATION RD’. It is left to you to assume its meaning. Most probably ‘LIBERATION RD’, or perhaps, as a friend suggested ‘LIBATION RD’. Even on facebook, people’s posts and status messages are full of mistakes. Avoidable ones. It seems the standard of written (and spoken, for that matter) English is just going down the drain. The Nigerians will soon be able to make fun of us (lol). I’m not an English princess, but since Ghana has...had a reputation for correct use of the English language, I think it is cause for concern. If we have decided we don’t want a foreign language anymore, we might as well choose a local one and inform the international community of our decision instead of crucifying this one.