Thursday, 13 August 2009

I’m watching you...

I don’t have a sweet tooth, mine is a whole set of sweet teeth; and the strawberry milkshake made at Creamy Fiesta, inside Barcelos at the Mall has become one of my favourite sweets. I can’t go to the Mall without getting one. I go there quite a bit, so I have gotten acquainted with the sales people. I have also noticed a white, busybody supervisor, or manager (who sometimes talks to her employees quite rudely; but I know how annoying Ghanaian employees can be).
I was painfully denied my indulgence on three separate occasions with the silly, flimsy excuse that their Milk was finished. (Hello, is Shoprite no longer in the building???) I was very upset, like an addict craving her sugar high. Surprisingly, each time that they run out of milk, madam was nowhere to be found. So I asked of her and her employees had nothing nice to say.
This weekend I finally got a hold of her, and we had a chat. I’m still not sure if she was patronizing me, but she was very polite; promised to look into it, assuring me that she would try to make sure (and revealed that they have their own suppliers of milk, not Shoprite). So far so good...but I’m keeping my eye on them all