Friday, 26 August 2011

Separation...Divorce may be on the cards

We're not exactly the Smiths but my love affair with Zain/Airtel is,...may be over...well, the BIS that is. I'm fed up with not having coverage, my messages not delivering, and so on. I still love their cheap calls and texts. So I have decided to go and try Vodafone's BIS. i'm not expecting a lot, just the internet on my blackberry, without intermittent breaks in transmission, prone to happen when you need it the most.
And just when I made my decision I got a call from them promising to sort out my issue...but
...Heard it all before
(All of your lies
All of your sweet talk
Baby this Baby that)
But your lies ain't workin' now
Look who's hurtin' now
See I had to shut you down
I had to shut you down...

I honestly think it's because a lot of people have joined their network but i'm off...for a month at least...