Friday, 26 August 2011


I feel bad that i'm writing this post so late...happened the day after the ignominious Tottenham riot. I'm surprised i didn't write it at once, considering how delighted I was with the service. Just shoes me how true the saying it that bad news travels waaaaaay faster than good news!
I was and still am chuffed with my vodafone broadband service.

it was installed an amazing working day after I paid for it AND they even got here within the time frame that I specified! plus they fixed a previously unknown fault with the line and 'earthed' it (or something like that). I was pleased as punch with their service, and tipped accordingly. One rejected it outright, the second was more 'accommodating'.
i sat in front of my laptop, ready to surf the net...but there was no connection! I was livid! after all the tinkering and back-and-forths these two morons could not do a simple installation!??
the phone was one of the idiots...informing me that they were testing my line, "your internet is off right?" Ashamed, i meekly whispered a yes, and they restored the connection, promising to tweak it if I ever had issues.
So far so very good!

I was singing their praises to my friend when he told me that they had followed him right home and mounted not one but two poles in order to facilitate the installation.
it's great when people do their job without demanding our tears! Kudos to , i'm going to take a leap of faith and try their Blackberry Internet Service too.